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Deals poison damage and sap status to all enemies. Use with the Tools command.


Bioblaster, also known as Bio Blaster,[1][2] is one of Edgar's Tools in Final Fantasy VI. When used with the Tools command, it deals poison-elemental magic damage to all opponents, with a chance of inflicting the poison status effect, damaging them over time. This makes it a turn-efficient and effective way to damage all enemies. The Bioblaster can be obtained early in the game, and the command can be used as long as the tool exists in the player's inventory.


The Bioblaster can be purchased in Figaro Castle or South Figaro early on for only 750 gil. It can also be stolen from either Tunnel Armor or Chaser, and drops from Proto Armor on defeat.

Gogo can also use any Tools abilities as long as the tool exists in the player's inventory and Tools is equipped in Gogo's ability menu.


As a magic damage ability with a spell power of 20, it deals damage with the following formula:

where "Level" refers to the user's level, and Magic refers to the user's Magic stat. Unlike most magic spells, Bioblaster ignores split damage.

Because the ability deals poison-elemental damage, the enemy's elemental affinity affects its damage output. If poison is nullified or the target is immune to poison, it will deal 0 damage. If the target absorbs the element, Bioblaster will heal HP instead of dealing damage. If the target resists the element, it will deal half damage; conversely, if the target is weak to the element, its damage will be doubled.

The spell may also inflict the poison status effect. This deals an increasing amount of poison-elemental damage to the target over time.


Bioblaster deals moderate initial magic damage to all enemies. This makes a strong and turn-efficient ability when acquired, and a great way to deal magic damage to all enemies for no MP cost. Bioblaster's damage is only slightly below that of the Poison spell—which has the same effect— when used against all enemies, but is higher when used against all enemies as it does not split damage. However, it is much lower than the damage dealt by Bio.

When Flash is acquired, it mostly outclasses Bioblaster. Flash, in comparison, deals non-elemental damage to all enemies, and has twice the spell power of Bioblaster. The effect it applies—darkness—is also more effective than poison in most versions of the game,[note 1] as it will reduce damage from enemies by causing their attacks to miss. Bioblaster can still be used to target an enemy's weakness to poison-elemental damage, but otherwise, Flash is the better ability.

Since Edgar's most powerful Tools abilities are physical attacks, the player should prioritize magicite that boost his Strength when leveling up his stats, instead of his Magic stat that would improve Bioblaster. Between this and the Bio spell becoming available, Bioblaster is mostly obsolete later in the game.

Due to Gogo's naturally higher Magic stat, Gogo benefits more from using Bioblaster compared to physical-based Tools. However, by the time Gogo is recruited, Bio will already be available, meaning Bioblaster is only useful if the player wishes to target poison-elemental weakness without expending MP.




  1. Darkness is ineffective in the original SNES release of the game due to the evade bug.