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Poison element attack


Bio2 is an attack magic spell in Final Fantasy VII. It is granted by the Poison Materia at level two, and is the second-tier Poison-elemental spell above Bio and below Bio3. Bio2 also has 48% of inflicting the Poison status effect.


Magic Materia Poison, Master Magic
Effect Medium poison-elemental damage
48% chance of inflicting Poison
Compatible Support Materia Added Cut
Final Attack
HP Absorb
Magic Counter
MP Absorb
MP Turbo
Quadra Magic
Sneak Attack
Steal as well

Damage formula:

where "Level" is the caster's current level and "Magical Attack" is their Magic atk stat. This is effectively 1.3125x the base magic damage.


Bio2 can be used by characters with the Poison Materia at level 2. The spell deals a decent amount of Poison-elemental damage, and has a 48% chance of inflicting the Poison status. If inflicted, this status deals physical Poison-elemental damage equivalent to 1/32 of the target's max HP every 2.5 units of time, ignoring Defense and Barrier. However, Bio2 has a considerable MP cost while not improving the chance to inflict the status compared to the basic Bio spell. This means it is not economical to use outside of against bosses weak to the Poison element.

Bio2 can be amplified by pairing the Poison Materia with Support Materia. Using MP Absorb can mitigate the high MP cost, while All can spread its damage across all enemies, and also gives the chance to inflict multiple targets with Poison. Nonetheless, its best use is against large targets that are weak to Poison, meaning that the MP Turbo or Quadra Magic spells are useful to amplify its strength against single targets.

Bio2 can be used by the enemies Flower Prong in its first and third forms, Lost Number in its magical form, Godo, Malboro, and Jenova∙SYNTHESIS.