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Billy Bob is a supporting character in the Episode INTERmission DLC introduced in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. He is a member of an Avalanche HQ branch monitoring the Sector 7 slums and Barret Wallace's Avalanche splinter cell. He acts as an informant, gathering intel from local bars.


Billy Bob was born and raised in the slums of Midgar.[1] At some point, he joined Avalanche.

Billy Bob meets Yuffie.

In "Wutai's Finest", Zhijie introduced Yuffie Kisaragi to Billy Bob, Polk, and Nayo. He chatted with Polk and was amused by Yuffie's enthusiasm. She gave him a Da-chao bean, but he couldn't crack it and was amazed that Yuffie could eat two handfuls. He complained his teeth still hurt, told Yuffie about Midgar and called her ignorant much to her offense. An apologetic Billy Bob explained the city on the upper plates and the Shinra Building's central location to a curious Yuffie.

Billy Bob directed Yuffie to Polk who knew how to leave the slums and informed her of Chadley's astonishing virtual combat simulator outside the neighborhood watch's base. Before leaving with Sonon and Nayo, Billy Bob suggested Yuffie keep a low profile and take a stroll to get accustomed with the undercity. He asserted that everyone was not out to get them, and attested many people were also victims of Shinra.[2]

Billy Bob passes by Yuffie at the station.

Billy Bob escaped Shinra's ransacking of Avalanche HQ's base at the Sector 7 Clinic and headed for the train station with his colleagues. He passed by Yuffie and Sonon and conveyed to the ninjas that it was "now or never" before boarding the train out of the Sector 7 slums, escaping its upcoming destruction.[3]



Billy Bob is a young man with an average build. He has fair skin, long blond hair, and blue eyes. He wears a blue bandanna, blue denim coveralls, a long-sleeve white undershirt, and casual black boots.


Billy Bob is laid back and unpretentious with a laissez-faire attitude.[4] He is easygoing and able to consume impressive amounts of alcohol without getting drunk; this allows him to collect information at local bars surreptitiously.[5][note 1]

Billy Bob is the head family man and most experienced member of his Avalanche HQ branch.[6] He is close with his colleagues, bonding with everyone over their mutual dislike of Shinra, hoping to bring down the company nonviolently, and is good friends with Polk. Billy Bob knows much about Midgar and finds technology, such as Chadley's virtual combat simulator, fascinating.[2]



  1. An undercity denizen tells his friend that Billy Bob drank him "under the table" in a drinking contest.[2]