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Bikke is a non-player character from the original Final Fantasy.



Due to console limitations, Bikke's NES appearance is quite simplistic: black eye patch over his left eye, black captain's hat with crossed blue swords, and cyan vest, pants, and shoes. In the remakes which were on consoles with greater color depth his appearance was improved upon: he dons a black eye patch over his left eye, a black captain's hat with gold outlines, crossed yellow blades and green buttons on its front. His looks completes purple cloak with gold outlines, purple pants, and red jacket and boots.


Bikke is a dangerous pirate, attacking Pravoka and the Warriors of Light using his pirates. When his pirates are defeated, he surrenders and promises that he won't do any more crimes. He gives his ship to the party as payment for his crimes.


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He is the captain of the pirates who have attacked Pravoka. When the Warriors of Light approach him, he summons nine pirates to attack the player. When they are defeated, he feels regret for his crimes, and surrenders his ship to the party, allowing the player to travel across the world's oceans.

Once Chaos is defeated and the timeline changed, Bikke becomes a normal citizen of Pravoka.

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Bikke may be named after the main character of Chiisana Viking Bikke (the Japanese title of Vicky the Viking).