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Wedge (left) and Biggs (right)

Template:See Also Biggs and Wedge are non-player characters in Final Fantasy VIII. They are two incompetent Galbadian soldiers that are frequently encountered by Squall and his party. They serve as comic relief throughout the game.


Template:Spoilers Major Biggs and Lieutenant Wedge are first seen fixing the Communication Tower in Dollet so that Galbadia can broadcast their propaganda campaign. Wedge tells Biggs that a monster has been seen on the top of the tower, but Biggs ignores him, complaining that it is left to him to fix the tower. Wedge leaves Biggs to take a look around. When Squall, Zell and Selphie arrive at the top of the tower, Biggs finishes the repairs and the tower becomes operational. When he spots Squall's party he orders Wedge to fight them. When he realises Wedge isn't here, Biggs fights the party. Wedge eventually appears, and an angry Biggs docks his wages for the next month. The battle is soon interrupted when Elvoret appears and knocks Biggs and Wedge away with its Storm Breath. After the party defeat Elvoret and exit the communication tower, Biggs programs an X-ATM092 to kill the party, before passing out.

After the Dollet siege, Biggs and Wedge are demoted to Lieutenant and Private respectively for their part in the Dollet affair. When Squall's party are taken into the D-District Prison, Biggs and Wedge are asked to take care of Zell, Selphie and Quistis for attacking a prison guard. As soon as they enter the cell, Biggs and Wedge instantly recognise Zell and Selphie. Thinking the party are unarmed, they fight the party, but since Zell earlier found the SeeD's weapons, Biggs and Wedge are easily defeated. The party leave their cell, but Biggs raises the alarm alerting their escape.

Biggs and Wedge are encountered again in Lunatic Pandora, but they do not fight the party. Instead, Biggs is contemplating leaving the Galbadian army. Wedge agrees and they leave the area. They are not seen in the game again.


Biggs and Wedge are fought together twice in the game, the first at the top floor of the Dollet Communication Tower, and the second inside the D-District Prison.

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Triple Triad

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  • If the player casts Confuse on them during the fight in D-District Prison they will begin speaking and attacking each other instead of the party.
  • Final Fantasy VIII marks the first time Biggs and Wedge manage to survive the events of the game.