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Biggs is a minor character in Final Fantasy VII, with a more prominent role in Final Fantasy VII Remake. He is a member of Avalanche under Barret Wallace. While in story scenes he is shown to have some combat skills, Biggs never joins as playable character, guest or otherwise. Instead, he serves supporting roles, together with with his friends Wedge and Jessie focusing into the technological areas of Avalanche's efforts to oppose the Shinra Electric Power Company.

Early Japanese materials write Biggs's name as ビックス (Bikkusu?, with a "k" sound), which is the way the name of the original Biggs from Final Fantasy VI is written. Some instances of optional dialogue in Final Fantasy VII erroneously use this original name.



Biggs is a lean young man with swept-back brown hair and a bandana tied round his forehead. He wears an olive shirt and green three-quarter trousers, brown boots with silver fasteners round the ankle, brown gloves, and two belts: one black and one brown, the latter of which has a pouch on his left hip.


Biggs is considered the strategist of the group, acting as a calm contrast to Barret's intensity. Biggs can nonetheless be hotheaded and a bit of a complainer, griping about Barret's strictness as he dozes off on the train. He enjoys drinking, as he is ecstatic over the refreshments Tifa provides for the rest of Avalanche upon their return from Mako Reactor 1, and invites Cloud to partake. Despite his confidence, Biggs is prone to overthinking, particularly when involving his allies, to the point of becoming stressed. He alleviates this by occupying himself with tasks such as cleaning. In Final Fantasy VII Remake it is revealed he enjoys teaching children, and used to be a teacher before joining Avalanche.


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Before joining Avalanche, Biggs was a teacher at Sector 5 slums' Leaf House school whose current teachers still look up to him.

Biggs along with the rest of Avalanche and Cloud, a hired mercenary, take part in the attack on Midgar's Mako Reactor 1. The mission is a success, and Avalanche retreats to the Sector 7 slums, where their hideout, Seventh Heaven is located.

In the remake, the Avalanche cell's leader Barret decides not to hire Cloud again, but Jessie hires Cloud to take her topside to infiltrate a Shinra warehouse to procure a new kind of blasting agent for the next mission. Biggs and Wedge suspect that she is going topside and tag alone, Biggs providing them with motorcycles to drive through the train tunnels. Wedge and Biggs drive one bike with Wedge steering and Biggs providing firepower when they come under attack from Shinra.

While Jessie, Biggs and Wedge distract Jessie's mother, Cloud sneaks in through the back to steal a Shinra ID card from Jessie's comatose dad so they can get into the warehouse. After Jessie goes off alone tasking the others to act as a distraction, Biggs tells Cloud about Jessie's past and how she came to join Avalanche, but demands he not tell her that he had said anything. They run into more Shinra troops, another Avalanche faction bails them out, and they parachute down the plate to the slums, Biggs riding with Jessie.

When Jessie is hurt in an attack on their hideout by invisible ghosts, Biggs has already gone ahead to the next bombing mission, which thus cannot be postponed. Barret hires Cloud for the next mission om the stop and the mission is back on track. In the original, Biggs, Wedge and Jessie tag along in the train ride, but problems arise concerning their fake IDs at a checkpoint, and the train carriages are going to close to catch the intruders onboard. In the original game, Biggs, Wedge and Jessie stay behind, in disguise, while Cloud, Barret and Tifa escape into the underground railway system. In the remake, Barret, Tifa and Cloud meet up with Biggs at their rendezvous point by following graffiti of a Shinra propaganda mascot, Stamp. Biggs goes his separate way after showing the others where to infiltrate the reactor.

When Shinra attacks Sector 7 to drop the plate upon the Midgar Slums, Biggs is badly wounded alongside Wedge when they fight Shinra forces to enable mostly everyone to evacuate in time. In the original, Biggs dies, feeling his death is deserved for the civilian casualties they had caused in the reactor bombings. In the remake, Biggs is found by Cloud, surrounded by Whispers. After a brief exchange, he seemingly dies as he does in the original. However, Biggs is seen again in the Remake's ending montage waking up at the Leaf House Orphanage with his wounds bandaged, having survived by unknown means. On a dresser beside his bed, Jessie's glove and a red bandana are also seen.

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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game

Biggs and Wedge appear with fire-elemental cards.

Behind the scenes


Biggs concept art by Roberto Ferrari for Final Fantasy VII Remake.

A number of players have remarked that Biggs's appearance in Final Fantasy VII Remake resembles the actor Charlie Sheen, especially from the movie Platoon wearing a similar olive shirt, brown swept-back hair, and red bandana.[3] One of his lines later in the game,"'Nough for a platoon or two" may or may not be a reference.


In Final Fantasy VII Remake, Biggs is voiced by Gideon Emery, who previously voiced Balthier in Final Fantasy XII. The recording process was different when compared with Final Fantasy XII, as he did not have the animation ready when recording, and was not focused on fitting English lines to Japanese flaps; instead, he had a little animated reference, and his main focus was timing and not being a frame over. Emery felt leaving the "comfortable leading man lane" felt fresh, and enjoyed the wisecracks between Biggs, Jessie, and Wedge.[4]



Biggs and Wedge are a recurring running gag in the Final Fantasy series. They almost always appear as a duo, and are named after Star Wars characters, Biggs Darklighter and Wedge Antilles, Luke Skywalker's Red Squadron wingmen in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.


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