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Biggs is a non-player character in the Final Fantasy VII series. He has a minor supporting role in Final Fantasy VII, Hoshi o Meguru Otome, Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, a major supporting role in Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, and a minor role in Final Fantasy VII Remake Trace of Two Pasts. He is a core member of Barret Wallace's independent Avalanche cell along with childhood friends Wedge and Jessie Rasberry.

Biggs is the strategist of Barret's Avalanche cell and plans their missions. He is calm and rational in contrast to Barret's volatility,[2] likes tidiness, usually works for the neighborhood watch in the Sector 7 slums, and sends anonymous aid to the orphanage in the Sector 5 slums.[1]


Before Final Fantasy VII[]

Biggs was born in 1982[note 1] and was brought to the Sector 5 House orphanage as a baby. As no one knew his real name, the staff members called him "X" until they could settle on another name, although he grew to like it and used it until he was old enough to move out, at which point he would choose a new name.[3] Though he was small in frame, X would often go out of his way to help other teachers at the House and would only join other children's games on occasion. At one point, when Marcellus, the son of Mr. Meguro, insulted the house and the orphans, X beat him up in front of a young Aerith Gainsborough.[4]

X left around 13 years old, going by the name "Biggs" thereafter.[3] He worked with another orphan from the house named Jean in a scrapyard, rummaging for machine parts, getting rid of the rust, and selling them for repairs.[5] Biggs grew up with Wedge and Jessie.[2] When he was grown up, having saved every gil he made, he returned to the Sector 5 House and bought it, turning it into the Leaf House.[3] Biggs became a teacher there and was Ms. Folia's predecessor, teaching her everything she knew, and being looked up to by the students.[6]

Biggs was a member of Avalanche's Sector 7 Slums Division along with Wedge and Jessie. The group's ideology was to give everyone equal votes, but the three were indecisive, Biggs simply wanting to be a thorn in Shinra's side, while Jessie wanted to bomb mako reactors, and Wedge was indifferent.[7] When the group met Tifa Lockhart and Jessie befriended her, Biggs and Wedge occasionally accompanied the two,[8] and on Tifa's seventeenth birthday, he, Wedge, and Jessie took her to a planetology screening.[9]

Through Tifa, Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie met Barret, who offered to lead them due to their indecision. Biggs took time to warm to Barret, but soon became loyal. Though Barret's leadership brought other Avalanche factions with them at first, arguments became common, eventually causing Barret to cut ties with the rest of Avalanche.[7] Biggs was then a member of Barret's independent Avalanche cell when it was formed.[note 2]

Original continuity[]

Field model in Final Fantasy VII.

In December of 0007, during "No. 1 Reactor Bombing", Avalanche infiltrated Mako Reactor 1. Biggs participated in the bombing mission along with Barret, Wedge, Jessie, and the hired mercenary Cloud Strife. They escaped the reactor before it exploded, split up, and regrouped at the Sector 8 station. Once there, Biggs and the others boarded a train headed for their home in the Sector 7 slums.

On the train, Biggs wondered if Cloud was killed because he was unable to regroup with them. Barret reassured him that there was no way. Biggs and the others discussed about Cloud joining Avalanche, but Barret dismissed the idea. Shortly after, Cloud unexpectedly jumped into their train car which relieved Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie. Before moving to the next train car, Biggs assured Cloud that they'd do better next time. When Cloud spoke to him next, he mentioned that the train's security mode had not been switched on but would change by the next day. Biggs then decided to nap until they reached the slums.[12]

Once the train arrived at the slums, Biggs and the others disembarked and headed to their hideout at the Seventh Heaven bar. During "At the Hideout in the Slums", they celebrated their mission's success with food and drinks. Biggs asked Cloud to have a drink with him and was overjoyed when he accepted, playfully taunting him about his hardened SOLDIER attitude, as well as himself.[13] Following a meeting held by Barret and attended by Avalanche, Cloud spoke with everyone and watched Barret aggressively push Biggs while displaying his strength.

During "To the No. 5 Reactor", Biggs and the others embarked on a train to Sector 5 to bomb Mako Reactor 5. When their fake IDs were scanned, they were forced to act quick and thus disguised themselves using Shinra Electric Power Company employee uniforms. Biggs watched Barret, Tifa Lockhart, and Cloud jump from the train but remained onboard himself. Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie later regrouped with them in the reactor and secured them a route to the reactor core. Cloud regrouped with Biggs last, who announced that he and the others had all done their parts and will return to the hideout. He told Cloud they were counting on him to blow up the reactor and left.[14]

During "Prevent the Fall of the Plate", Biggs defended the Sector 7 pillar against Shinra's attack, but was injured. When Cloud found him, Biggs asked how he felt about the state of the planet. If Cloud expressed that he cared, Biggs would thank Cloud, tell Cloud not to worry about him, and urge Cloud to aid Barret in defending the pillar. He was among the casualties of the Sector 7 plate collapse.[15]

In Hoshi o Meguru Otome, Biggs appeared as a spirit in the lifestream. When Aerith thought of Cloud and Tifa, Jessie's spirit responded at the mention of their names, which caused Biggs and Wedge to appear. The three of them were happy to hear that Cloud officially joined Avalanche and that they were fighting a greater threat than Shinra. They told Aerith that they were fated to never be absorbed into the lifestream as a result of the choices they made in their lives. As Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie left, Aerith called to them and told them their deaths helped save people by delaying Shinra, allowing more of Sector 7's residents, including Marlene, to evacuate in time.

Remake continuity[]

FFVIIR Biggs and Jessie Sector 1

Biggs and Jessie in Sector 1.

During "The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1", Biggs helped maneuver the reactor during the bombing mission, opening sealed doors along the way. He told Jessie he was glad to have Cloud's professional assistance.[16] He stayed behind with Wedge and stood watch as Cloud, Barret, and Jessie descended into mako storage. After the reactor exploded in "Fateful Encounters", Biggs escaped with everyone through the tunnels and commented on his bad odor, anxious to return home and shower.[17] As they traversed the tunnels, he offered encouraging words to the group and comforted a guilt-ridden Jessie who believed that the massive explosion was her doing. Later, they took a train in route to the Sector 7 slums, and Biggs, who was still shaken by the explosion, checked up on Cloud and asked if he was okay.[18] Upon returning to the slums, he celebrated their success with the others then went home.

FFVIIR Avalanche celebrates

Biggs celebrates Avalanche's successful bombing with Barret, Wedge, and Jessie.

During "Home Sweet Slum", Cloud and Tifa visited Biggs and Wedge at the Beginner's Hall. Biggs persuaded Cloud to help the neighborhood watch and told Cloud he couldn't pay him in gil, offering to modify his weapon. Biggs sent Cloud to kill monsters on Scrap Boulevard, promised to spread word about Cloud's mercenary work, and wished him good hunting. When Cloud returned, Biggs had spread the word, asked about Cloud's modified sword, and received a positive response. As Cloud and Tifa was leaving, he stopped Wedge from joining them, saying he'd be a "third wheel".[19] Later that day, Biggs attended a meeting at Seventh Heaven with his Avalanche friends and wrote up plans A through to E to attack Mako Reactor 5,[20] with Barret providing some input.[21] After the meeting, he celebrated their accomplishment over some drinks.[11]

During "Mad Dash", Biggs, accompanied by Wedge, joined Jessie and Cloud on a mission topside out of concern for Jessie. Biggs and Wedge provided motorcycles as the trains were not running.[22] He rode with Wedge and provided support as Shinra soldiers, and later Roche, pursued them. Once they reached the upper plate, they stopped at Jessie's house for some pizza made by her mother while Cloud stole Jessie's father's Shinra ID card,[23] and then set off for the S7-6 Annex. On the way there, Biggs told Cloud about Jessie's past and was surprised that Cloud showed interest, but warned him to refrain from mentioning the topic in front of the others. He planned out their infiltration on the S7-6 Annex,[24] providing cover while Cloud distracted and fought the Shinra security guards.[25]

Biggs and Jessie parachuting from FFVII Remake

Biggs and Jessie parachuting.

Biggs, Wedge, and Cloud later fended off the Shinra mechs unleashed upon them before another Avalanche cell arrived and rescued Wedge. Biggs informed Cloud about the different Avalanche cells, how Barret's cell was deemed "too extreme" and were therefore forced to break out of the organization and the supposed deal the other cells made with Wutai.[26] Biggs, Wedge, Jessie, and Cloud regrouped and returned to the slums via parachutes secured by Jessie's father.[27] As they descended, Biggs and Jessie, who were sharing a chute, praised Cloud. They went slightly off-course, but once landing Biggs went home and started sweeping outside to relieve stress, unable to stop worrying about the next mission. When Cloud visited him and told him to rest, Biggs thanked him.[28]

The next day, Biggs departed early and secured the group an entrance into Mako Reactor 5.[29] He waited for the others at the rendezvous point during "Light the Way", and upon their arrival, was surprised to see Tifa and Cloud accompanying Barret, who ordered a report. He told him that topside was "going nuts" after some "terrorists jumped off a train", and therefore confidently said he had no problem securing them a route into the reactor. Biggs dodged Barret's attempt at a hug and asked where Wedge and Jessie were, relieved to hear they weren't in bad shape. He thanked Cloud for stepping up, praised the group for diverting Shinra's forces to Sector 4, and gave them grappling guns. At Tifa's request, he left to ensure the area around the reactor was clear to avoid any potential casualties.[30]

Biggs was surprised when only Barret and Tifa returned from the mission, but consoled that Cloud was tough enough to look after himself.[31] He informed Barret that Don Corneo's henchmen were looking for him.

Biggs injured from FFVII Remake

Cloud finds Biggs badly injured.

In "Fight for Survival", Biggs, alongside Wedge, helped defend the Sector 7 pillar against Shinra's attack. When he saw Cloud show up, he vowed to clear a path for him before he "stole the show". Biggs was later seriously injured by Shinra troopers but he kept on shooting, determined to fight to his last breath. When Cloud found a badly injured Biggs surrounded by Whispers, Biggs was happy to know Cloud and Wedge made it but was less optimistic about his own chances. He warned Cloud it was dangerous further up the pillar and asked him to promise their fight would not be in vain and told him that he had "some fight left in him". He added that Cloud was a good man for comforting him and encouraged him to visit the Leaf House orphanage in the Sector 5 slums. Cloud told him Biggs would have to do that himself, and Biggs remarked that Cloud and the children had a lot in common. Biggs affectionately placed his hand on Cloud's head, wished him good luck, told him their future was in his hands, and succumbed to his injuries.[32]

Biggs Survived from Final Fantasy VII Remake

Biggs recovering.

After Cloud's party defeated the Whispers and escaped Midgar in "Destiny's Crossroads", Biggs awakened at the Leaf House orphanage, having miraculously survived the Sector 7 plate collapse. He recuperated in a bed with his wounds bandaged.[33]

In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, he provides food to Elmyra's House in Midgar, due to the wanted posters for Avalanche he must sneak around concealing his identity.

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Biggs is a 25-year-old man with a lean build. He has tan skin, gray eyes (light brown in Remake), short, swept-back dark brown hair (black in Remake), and light stubble. He wears a red bandana, an olive shirt, a leather harness, a black belt and a brown belt, a pouch on his hip, dark green cargo shorts, armored boots, and brown fingerless gloves. In Remake, he also wears a black undershirt, black knee pads, and a gold hoop earring on his right ear. His weapon is a handgun.


Biggs is calm, rational, and kindhearted. Like Wedge and Jessie, he is upbeat and playful. He maintains a collected and confident attitude, taking pride in his role in Avalanche. Compared to Barret, Biggs approaches situations rationally, preferring to plan out their objectives rather than rush in blindly, and originally opposing bombing mako reactors.[7] Biggs is prone to overthinking and becomes easily stressed, feeling guilt for his actions[18] and jumping to conclusions out of concern for his friends.[34] Neat and tidy by nature, he prefers cleanliness, as shown when he complains about his stench while escaping Mako Reactor 1[35] and when sweeping after returning to the slums following Jessie's mission; he cleans to alleviate stress.[34]

Biggs from FFVII Remake

Biggs confidently and defiantly opposes Shinra.

Biggs is selfless and caring. Prior to joining Avalanche, he taught at the Leaf House orphanage in the Sector 5 slums, admired by teachers and students alike. As a resident of the Sector 7 slums, he dedicates free time to the neighborhood watch, protecting the denizens of the slums from beasts and teaching them self-defense.[36] He also shows concern for Jessie[22][34] and Wedge.[32]

Biggs grew up with Jessie and Wedge. Though he took time to warm to Barret, he was ultimately swept along with everyone else, fully trusting his leadership.[7] When he met Cloud, he was initially hesitant towards him and thought of him as cold. Biggs befriends Cloud after Cloud shows a genuine interest in Jessie's backstory and an understanding of them.[37] He comes to view Cloud as a younger brother figure. During Shinra's attack on the Sector 7 pillar, a badly injured Biggs tells Cloud that he reminds him of his students, affectionately placing his hand on his head. He finds comfort in Cloud's promise that their fight wouldn't be for nothing.[32]


Biggs strategizes Avalanche's missions.[2] He is capable of hacking doors, as seen at Mako Reactor 1.[38] He wields firearms effortlessly and is an accurate shot.[39] He is skilled with weapon modification, offering to improve Cloud's sword.[36] He is an admired teacher, remembered fondly by co-workers and pupils alike.

Musical themes[]

Biggs has no musical themes in the original Final Fantasy VII, but Final Fantasy VII Remake introduced one. "Come Back to Us", track 15 of disc 5 in the Final Fantasy VII Remake Original Soundtrack, plays at the beginning of the "To the Top" quest during "Fight for Survival" when Cloud sees and talks to an injured Biggs.

Other appearances[]

The inclusion of a duo of characters named Biggs and Wedge is a recurring tradition in the Final Fantasy series. The Final Fantasy VII iteration of Biggs is only the second instance of this tradition, which started with Final Fantasy VI.

Mobius Final Fantasy[]

Biggs card in Mobius Final Fantasy.

Biggs appears as a card in Mobius Final Fantasy.

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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Biggs appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Fire- and Earth-elemental Backup cards.

Behind the scenes[]


Biggs was drawn by Tetsuya Nomura for Final Fantasy VII and was redesigned by Roberto Ferrari for Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Biggs, along with Jessie and Wedge, was given more character depth for Final Fantasy VII Remake, at the direction of Nomura.[40] The entire team were conscious about adding depth to the characters leading into the battle at Sector 7.[41] Writer Kazushige Nojima used the same personalities he had imagined for the characters when originally creating them, bringing out a side that always existed but wasn't fully portrayed.[41]

A number of players have remarked that Biggs's appearance in Final Fantasy VII Remake resembles the actor Charlie Sheen, especially from the movie Platoon wearing a similar olive shirt, brown swept-back hair, and red bandana.[42] One of his lines later in the game,"'Nough for a platoon or two",[32] may or may not be a reference.


In Final Fantasy VII Remake, Biggs is voiced by Gideon Emery, who previously voiced Balthier in Final Fantasy XII. The recording process was different when compared with Final Fantasy XII, as he did not have the animation ready when recording and was not focused on fitting English lines to Japanese flaps; instead, he had a little animated reference, and his main focus was timing and not being a frame over. Emery felt leaving the "comfortable leading man lane" felt fresh, and enjoyed the wisecracks between Biggs, Jessie, and Wedge.[43]


Biggs and Wedge are a recurring running gag in the Final Fantasy series. They almost always appear as a duo, and are named after Star Wars characters, Biggs Darklighter and Wedge Antilles, Luke Skywalker's Red Squadron wingmen in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.



  1. Biggs' age is listed as 25 as of the events of Final Fantasy VII in the Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania.[1] Since the bombing of Mako Reactor 1 occurs in December of 0007, this would make 1982 his date of birth.
  2. Though the Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Ultimania timeline states the cell was formed in October of 0007,[10] Tifa states in Final Fantasy VII Remake that the cell had been independent for a year.[11]


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