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Big Throw in the smartphone port.

Cause massive damage even from the back row.


Big Throw (とうてき, Tōteki?, lit. Targeting Throw) is Luca's ability Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Big Throw has a Charge Time of 1. Big Throw allows Luca to throw her weapon at enemies, dealing base attack damage in the back row as well as the front row (the game says it does slightly more damage, but it is never shown in combat outside of Moon Phase).

As with all special abilities, Big Throw is affected by the Moon Phase. This ability is useful to avoid the detrimental effects of the Full Moon, which makes the standard Attack command deal less damage. It is also useful during the New Moon phase, where Big Throw is powered up to be stronger than a normal attack.

Some weapons Luca uses, such as the Tomahawk, ignore row and so Big Throw will not have any appreciable effects while she is equipped with them, beyond the mentioned Moon Phases.

Bands with Big Throw[]

Band Combination MP Cost Description
Flare Tornado Rydia (Black Magic) + Edge (Ninjutsu) + Luca (Big Throw) 15 Imbues your weapons with the power of fire and strikes all enemies.
Palom in the Sky Palom (Bluff) + Luca (Big Throw) + Leonora (Black Magic) + Porom (White Magic) 30 Palom attacks all enemies using lightning (Heals Palom).
Makeshift Cannon Ursula (Attack) + Ceodore (Attack) + Luca (Big Throw) + Palom (Black Magic) + Porom (White Magic) 58 Throw Ceodore and Ursula to cause damage on all enemies (Exceeds damage limit).

Other appearances[]

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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