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Adds [Barrier/MBarrier/Haste] to every ally.


Big Guard is a buffing spell in Final Fantasy VII. It is an enemy skill used by Beachplug and can be learned on the Enemy Skill Materia for the player to use. It is a highly useful spell to learn and use till the end of the game.



If obtaining all enemy skills the earliest they are available, Big Guard is the eighth spell learned on the Materia. It is learned from the Beachplugs in the beaches of Corel Area, Gold Saucer Area, and Gongaga Area.

Beachplugs do not use Big Guard independently; the player will need to manipulate it to cast the spell on the character(s) with the Enemy Skill Materia equipped. After Cait Sith joins with the Manipulate Materia, the player can head to the nearest beach to learn the ability.

The other enemy that uses Big Guard is the Wolfmeister fought by Cid's party in the Coal Train during the Huge Materia mission in Corel. However, there is no way to learn it from it, as the Wolfmeister will never use it on the player's party and cannot be manipulated or confused.


Command Materia Enemy Skill Materia
Effect Grants Haste, Barrier, and MBarrier to target party.
MP cost 56
Reflect No


Big Guard is a useful Enemy Skill that can be acquired relatively early on. It casts Haste, Barrier and MBarrier on the party. Though the Barrier and MBarrier drain faster than normal due to Haste, Big Guard effectively outclasses Barrier, MBarrier, Wall and Haste as spells.

It is especially useful when fighting on the Battle Square; using Big Guard as the opening move lets the player go through the whole gauntlet with the Haste status, and the player can recast it to refresh the barriers if desired. It is also a good opening move for any boss battles or battles against tough enemies.