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Biast, real name unknown, is a character in Final Fantasy XVI. He is a member of the Bastards, a group of Bearer soldiers under the service of Sanbreque consisting of himself, their sergeant Tiamat, Aevis and Clive Rosfield. He was apparently close to Clive Rosfield during his time serving Sanbreque, as he was distraught when Biast was killed.


Biast is the second longest serving Bastard and fought alongside Tiamat for many years.

During a battle between Dhalmekia and the Iron Kingdom, Biast and the Bastards were ordered to wait on the sidelines for their chance to slay the Dominant of Shiva, Jill Warrick. Things go bad when Titan joins the battle and destroys the mountain they were waiting on resulting in Biast being crushed by a boulder, leaving Clive distraught, much to Tiamat's indifference to his death.




Clive and Biast seemed to have been close, as Clive was saddened by his death.