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Bhakti is a robot with highly functioning AI in the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy.

In Final Fantasy XIII, Vanille had said model as a pet. It can be found on the second floor of a house in the Dilapidated Dwelling in Oerba, and once repaired, it informs the party of secrets in Gran Pulse. Two of the game's achievements are obtained through Bhakti.

In Final Fantasy XIII-2, multiple Bhaktis loiter around Oerba in various time periods.

In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, a Bhakti is found in the underground ruins of the Dead Dunes and is used for ruin exploration.


Bhakti is a robot with very high-functioning AI. Such robots are often found amid the ruins of ancient towns and settlements, and those that are in good condition are retrofitted and put back into service as exploratory rovers, capable of navigating the ruins of the Dead Dunes.

Vanille kept one such robot as a pet, 1,700 years ago, in her first life. But that is a tale of Oerba, Vanille and Fang's home village from the days when the world was called Gran Pulse.


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Final Fantasy XIII[]

Sazh repairs Bhakti.

The party comes to Oerba to seek for a way to remove their l'Cie brands, but find the village abandoned and in ruins. They come across Bhakti, and Vanille recognizes it as her old pet robot, but it is broken. Sazh can fix it if they find the correct parts, and after scouring the village ruins, they find the material needed to fix Bhakti. After being fixed Bhakti provides the party with information on Gran Pulse. The party leaves Bhakti in its dwelling when they move on.

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

A couple of Bhakti running around Oerba 200 AF.

Multiple Bhaktis appear in Oerba's Village Proper area, from as few as two in 200 AF to up to four in 400 AF. Their only function appears to be riding around the area, possibly analyzing data, while beeping.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII[]

Bhakti in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Humans are a kind species. I truly did love these human companions of mine.


While descending the Temple Ruins of the Dead Dunes, Lightning encounters a depleted Bhakti in a secluded room who requests her to find him fuel. After Lightning obtains the fuel and gives it to Bhakti, the robot is energized and implores Lightning to inspect the nearby sealed door so he can find his friends. Upon unsealing the door, Lightning encounters human skeletons, presumably the people who brought Bhakti to the ruins. She finds a letter among the remains and discovers the group was trapped within the room, starving to death and requesting to anyone who finds them to give them a proper burial and that if Bhakti had stopped functioning, to bury it with them.

Bhakti wonders why his friends lack moisture.

In the event that Bhakti was still functioning they ask it be repaired and found a new home as they had valued Bhakti as their ally, friend and companion. Bhakti remains curious about his friends, commenting on how skinny they've gotten and how the climate of the desert area has robbed them of their moisture. Lightning explains to a confused Bhakti his friends have passed away, and Bhakti realizes humans need constant refueling, becoming ashamed its friends must have thought it had abandoned them. Lightning reassures Bhakti his team knew it was doing its best to save them, with Bhakti thanking Lightning for the sentiment and expressing how much he had loved his companions. Bhakti malfunctions and Lightning collects its soul. Curious, Lightning and Hope discuss the potential of inanimate objects having souls and Hope speculates the bonds formed between Bhakti and its team allowed it to express feelings reminiscent of a soul.

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Final Fantasy XIII[]

Repairing Bhakti[]


Repairing Bhakti is a sidequest first available when the party visits Oerba in Chapter 11. There are five parts scattered across town that must be obtained for Sazh to fix Bhakti. The parts can only be found when the player visits Bhakti in the Dilapidated Dwelling before completing Orphan's Cradle.

The parts are found in the following locations:

  • The Power Cable is found in a cart in the courtyard outside the Dilapidated Dwelling.
  • The Battery Pack can be found in the Desolate Mill, southeast of the Dilapidated Dwelling. It can only be obtained after defeating the Vetala inside.
  • The Trochoid Gear is obtained after defeating a lone Vampire in the Village Waterfront area close to the giant steps near the house where Bhakti was found. Unlike the other parts, it is not denoted on the map, but the vampire has a red circle around it like the other four pieces do.
  • The Aspheric Lens is found on the first floor of the Deserted Schoolhouse. A Vetala and two Chonchons must be defeated to be able to obtain it.
  • The Metal Plate is found on the Rust-eaten Bridge, just outside the exit of the Derelict Depot.

Once all five parts are found and the player returns to Bhakti, Sazh will repair the robot.


Bhakti gives the player titles depending on how many steps the player has walked on Gran Pulse. The titles earn the player extra items and components. The prizes are cumulative, meaning the player will always receive all the items for lower titles, even if they earn a higher rank.

Title Condition Prize
Pilgrim None Deceptisol x10
Sojourner Take over 5,000 steps on Gran Pulse. Ultracompact Reactor x2
Trailblazer Take over 7,000 steps on Gran Pulse. Gold Nugget
Cartographer Take over 9,000 steps on Gran Pulse. Perfume x5
Pulsian Pioneer Take over 10,000 steps on Gran Pulse. Platinum Ingot x3, Pulsian Pioneer achievement/trophy
Treasure Hunter Own all items, accessories and weapons in the game. The player does not need to have all of them in their inventory at the same time. Treasure Hunter achievement/trophy, Fang's PS3 Theme/Gamer Picture

Bhakti's Bonus Bytes[]

In addition to awarding the player with titles, items, and trophies, Bhakti offers the player a random "bonus byte" whenever they examine it.

No. Bonus Byte Meaning
1 The Faultwarrens are home to some of Gran Pulse's most dangerous denizens. If you plan to challenge them, you had best go prepared. This byte is about the optional Faultwarrens location on Gran Pulse, where Titan's Trials can be attempted.
2 Accepting a mission from a Cie'th Stone might remove a barrier impeding your progress. This alludes to the barriers preventing access to the Faultwarrens and the Font of Namva area of the Archylte Steppe. Despite what the byte says, the Cie'th Stone missions in question must be completed to remove such barriers, rather than merely accepting them.
3 When riding chocobos, jumping at yellow map indicators will allow you to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. These yellow map indicators can only be found on the Archylte Steppe, and are the only way to reach certain treasure spheres, as well as the Faultwarrens.
4 Have you triumphed over all the challenges the Faultwarrens have to offer? Attempting the trial after doing so might draw the attention of a certain Cie'th. Also references the Titan's Trials at the Faultwarrens. The "certain Cie'th" in question is Attacus, the Soulless, one of the Undying.
5 Rumor has it that hitching a ride from Sulyya Springs on the fal'Cie Atomos will allow you to reach a secret stretch of Mah'habara. If one rides Atomos in Mah'habara Subterra, it will take the party to Sulyya Springs. Once they arrive, they can board Atomos again and it will take them to a different section of Mah'habara.
6 When it rains on the Archylte Steppe, it affects the wool of the resident sheep. When the player examines one of the larger sheep on the Archylte Steppe, they will obtain some wool. Depending on the weather conditions (it does not necessarily have to be raining), the player can obtain different types of wool. Accepting certain missions may change the weather on the steppe.
7 Some Cie'th Stones on the Archylte Steppe take time to activate. Cie'th Stones usually activate when the player reaches a certain point in the storyline or after completing other missions. This does not just apply to the Cie'th Stones on the Archylte Steppe, but all Cie'th Stones on Gran Pulse.
8 Complete a top-secret mission on the Archylte Steppe and new varieties of oretortoises may emerge. This byte is slightly incorrect as there are multiple marks required (Missions 56-62). Once these marks are defeated, the Adamanchelid and Adamantoise/Adamantortoise enemies on the Archylte Steppe will be replaced by the Shaolong Gui and Long Gui enemies respectively.
9 Sulyya Springs is home to a whopper of a fal'Cie. Be careful when walking near the water's surface. The fal'Cie in question is Bismarck. Examining a certain area of the water's surface of the Sulyya Springs will open new paths and allows treasure spheres to be reached.
10 If you climb to the seventh tier of Taejin's Tower, you will be able to rejoin all of the elevator's rail sections. At the Cloven Spire in Taejin's Tower, the player can make their way to the Seventh Tier and examine the Menhirrim to unlock all the tiers. This is necessary to complete Mission 27.
11 The towering Adamantoise is the undisputed king of the steppe. Get too close, and even a chocobo will turn tail feather and run. When riding a chocobo, if the player so much as touches an Adamantoise, or any other variety of Oretoise, the chocobo will lose all their morale, throw their rider off their back and run away.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII[]

The Life of a Machine[]

Entry 1 - Quest Begins
In an isolated chamber of the Sacred Grove in the Temple Ruins, Lightning finds an exploratory rover bot called Bhakti. It seems he is almost out of fuel, but Lightning might be able to help. This quest has a time limit.
Entry 2
The energia Bhakti needs can be found in three locations: Tobias's General Store in Ruffian, next to the Shrine of the Tablet in the Grave of the Colossi, and the foot of the Oasis Lighthouse. There might be other supplies elsewhere, too. Once Lightning has three energia of fuel, she should take them to Bhakti.
Entry 3 - Quest Complete
Fully mobile once again, Bhakti finally manages to open the chamber where he believes his comrades are waiting for him. But those comrades are not robots; they are humans, and long dead. When Bhakti learns his friends cannot be repaired, his own systems shut down and he falls silent for good. Who can say if machines have souls? What is clear, is that in his final moments, Bhakti knew what it meant to be human.
Difficulty: ★★
Requirements: Available after completing main quest 4-3 Where the Clavis Lies
First Time Rewards: Cyber Scanners, Max HP +80, Strength +4, Magic +4
Subsequent Rewards: Max HP +20, Strength +2, Magic +4

In Sacred Grove area of the Temple Ruins, Lightning runs into Bhakti and must bring three Bhakti's Oils to it. If Lightning takes too long she will fail the quest. Bhakti gives clues on where to find them, but the fastest way is collecting three oils from Oasis Lighthouse. When Bhakti is oiled up Lightning must examine the door it points to to find the pile of bones in the next room. The bones hold 1200 gil, Bhakti's Oil, and a Pilgrim's Crux. Talking to Bhakti again completes the quest.


Bhakti is a Hindu principle that posits that through personal devotion to a deity, salvation can be achieved. This refers specifically to salvation from samsara, an endless flux of becoming and perpetual wandering.

The word Bakti in Malay and Indonesian language (same pronunciation), and Bhakdi in Thai language, mean "to devote to".