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Bethnel Caverns.

Somewhere in this world exists a series of caves in which behemoths run rampant. Many a legionary have lost their lives against the brutal beasts, so I might discourage you from spelunking lest you meet a similarly grim fate.

Dominion Tribune in Corsi

Bethnel Caverns (ベスネル鍾乳洞, Besuneru Shōnyūdō?) is a dungeon near the town of Meroë in the Meroë Region in Final Fantasy Type-0. It can first be visited in Chapter 5.


Map of Bethnel Caverns with enumerated floors


  • 1st floor: Bethnel Caverns Entrance
  • 2nd floor: Gahb Tunnel
  • 3rd floor: Gahb Junction
  • 4th floor: Waterfall Grotto (locked upon entering)
  • 5th floor: Northbound Tunnel
  • 6th floor: Osé Junction
  • 7th floor: Waterfall Grotto (locked upon entering)
  • 8th floor: Northbound Beastpath
  • 9th floor: Inner Beastpath
  • 10th floor: Winding Beastpath
  • 11th floor: Cavern of Echoes
  • 12th floor: Bed of the Behemoths (locked upon entering)



Class Zero meet Akane in the cave's entrance who already appeared in the entrance of Corsi Cave, claiming that her boyfriend turned into a frog and only a "maiden's kiss" could restore his original appearance. She asks—however—for 40 Smalt Phantoma in exchange for a DEF Enhancer. After visiting the Valley of Monsters, her boyfriend, O'yah, is healed, and if spoken to at Bethnel Caverns alludes to O'aka XXIII from Final Fantasy X.

The Dungeon Master's Dare[]

Shigeto from Meroë challenges Class Zero to fight a Behemoth to prove if they have the makings of a true dungeon master in The Dungeon Master's Dare task. The task is available after the Covering the Cadets Expert Trial or in chapter 7. The suggested level for the task is 55 but the cadets will likely be able to fell a Behemoth on a lower level. The reward for the task is an Ignis Magnum accessory.

Slayer's Spoils V[]

The Armory Guildsman of Akademeia asks Class Zero to fetch him two chunks of Beast Flesh in Slayer's Spoils V. Beast Flesh is dropped by Behemoths. The task is available during the second free time period in chapter 5. The reward for the task is a Gold Bangle accessory.

An Education in Love II[]

To craft a ring worthy of his love, Tokito from Akademeia bids Class Zero to retrieve some Diamond Ore from the Bethnel Caverns in An Education in Love II. The task is available during the second free time period on Akademeia fountain square. The reward for the mission is a Good-Luck Charm.


Droprates refer to chest loot.



  • Elixir 7th floor (43,5%, 1st/2nd/4th/5th/6th chest), 10th floor (43,5%) and 12th floor (43,5%, 1st chest)




  • Reagan Greens – 7th floor (6,3%, 1st/2nd/4th/5th/6th chest), 10th floor (6,3%) and 12th floor (6,3%, 1st chest)

Key Items[]


Enemy Level: 55