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The bestiary.

The Bestiary (エネミー図鑑, Enemī Zukan?) was added to the Archives in Final Fantasy XV with patch 1.15. It shows enemy stats, item drop information, and lore. It can be accessed through the in-game Archives menu. Enemies from downloadable content are not included in the bestiary, but the Astrals are, even the ones not fought as bosses.

Completing the full bestiary in one normal playthrough is not possible because of the "Perfect Cup Noodle" quest in Chapter 8 allows the player to fight only one of the two possible enemies (Rogue Karlabos and Rogue Behemoth) that become available as part of the quest. The player must use Chapter Select or New Game+ to redo the quest.

The bestiary lists the size and weight of each enemy. The system of measurement used in each language is the same as the distance measurements on the map, with English using imperial and other languages using metric. Metric sizes are listed in centimeters or meters, and weights in kilograms to metric tons. Imperial sizes are listed in feet (and fractions of a feet, e.g. 6.5 ft. rather than 6'6"), and weights are listed in pounds or metric tons. While the game itself does not specifically clarify that it is metric tons, it would be unlikely for the Japanese version not to be using metric tons, and the English version uses the same figures.

List of enemies[]

Leide: Duscae: Cleigne:
Niflheim: Daemon: Imperial:

Behind the scenes[]

The background of the bestiary and the dossiers entries resembles the beyond, the realm inside the Crystal. The Astral bestiary background was updated after Ifrit's character model was changed in a patch.

Shiva, Chadarnook and Melusine cannot be rotated/zoomed in the bestiary for modesty reasons. Aranea cannot be zoomed in on.

Imperial Trooper doesn't have a bestiary entry. Unique enemies from Close Encounter of the Terra Kind and Adventurer from Another World don't appear in the bestiary.


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