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FFXIII-2 Bestiary

Bestiary menu in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

The Bestiary (エネミーレポート, Enemī Repōto?, lit. Enemy Reports) is an option in the menu in Final Fantasy XIII-2 that provides the player with detailed descriptions of the enemies slain during the game.

New features from Final Fantasy XIII include rotatable models, locations, taming information, and provoke immunity, whereas level, death immunity, and the water and earth elements are scrapped.

Completing the bestiary by filling it with all the entries related to non-DLC enemies boasts a fragment, "Academic Rank: Monster Professor", from Professor M. in Academia -4XX AF-. The entries do not need to be completely filled out, encountering and defeating one of each enemy is sufficient. The player must complete all paradox endings to get all boss entries, and fight Proto fal'Cie Adam four times by giving incorrect Live Trigger answers, as each time Adam is fought, a different entry is added to the bestiary.

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