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FF1 3DS Bestiary

The Bestiary in Final Fantasy 3DS remake.

The Bestiary is an accessible list of all the enemies in the original Final Fantasy. It first appears in the Origins release and appears in all future versions of the game. The bestiary gives the player details on enemies they have previously defeated, and ordered roughly in the order they are encountered in the game.

Unlike most bestiaries, the bestiary in the original Final Fantasy contains all the enemies featured in the game with no exceptions. Also, the original Final Fantasy is the only game in the series where enemies can't be missed due to there being no Unrevisitable locations.


Pixel Remaster[]


The bestiary in the Origins versions can be found in the Config section of the Menu, through a command called Collections. The bestiary lists all the enemies the player has defeated next to the number they have defeated. Viewing the enemies in the bestiary shows the player the enemy's sprite on a battle background, their name, various battle integers, element and status information, and Gil and Exp.

There are 128 enemies in total. Enemies that have not yet been beaten will be hidden and its entry on the list will be an inactive "????". If the player does not defeat all enemies on their first playthrough, they can save their game after defeating Chaos, then Load it to start a new save and their Collections from their previous save will be left intact. However, since it is not possible to permanently miss enemies on the first playthrough, this isn't necessary. However, it is only possible to view the complete walkthrough on the first save.

The entries to the Art Gallery depend on entries in the bestiary.

Dawn of Souls[]

FFI Bestiary GBA


There are 195 Monsters in total. The following sections list the entries numerically as they are in the game's official Bestiary. Bosses are marked with a ☆. The bestiary can be accessed via the main game select screen, or under Config from the in game menu.

20th Anniversary[]

Other than updated graphics, the 20th Anniversary edition is much the same as the Dawn of Souls version. However, the new dungeon added to the game, the Labyrinth of Time has one new boss with eight different entries.

Each different form of Chronodia has to be defeated in order to obtain its bestiary entry. This means that Chronodia must be defeated at least eight times in order to complete the game's bestiary.


The iOS version of the original Final Fantasy has an identical bestiary to the 20th Anniversary version.

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