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Besrudio Bunansa, also known as Besrodio Bunanza, is the father of Mustadio Bunansa in Final Fantasy Tactics. He lives in the Clockwork City of Goug.


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Trouble with Baert Trading Company[]

Besrudio ran afoul of Baert Trading Company, who had been hired by Cardinal Alphonse Delacroix to relieve him of the Taurus auracite. Besrudio was captured, but Mustadio escaped and was later rescued by Ramza Beoulve.

Mustadio takes Ramza to Goug, where the younger Bunansa begins searching for his father. He is captured and Ludovich Baert brings both Mustadio and Besrudio before Ramza. Baert threatens to have Besrudio harmed if Mustadio does not divulge the location of the auracite. Besrudio tells Mustadio not to help Baert, but Mustadio reveals that the stone is in a chimney near Ramza. Baert forces Ramza to retrieve the stone and then leaves with it. His thugs attack, but Ramza and Mustadio defeat them. Besrudio bemoans the loss of the stone, but Mustadio had a trick up his sleeve: he had created a fake stone in case something like this had happened. The stone Baert carried back to Delacroix was the fake, and the merchant pays for this with his life.

Discovering devices[]

Besrudio with his son and Ramza when Cloud arrives.

Besrudio later discovers the deactivated Construct 8 and asks for Ramza and Mustadio's help in powering it up. Ramza retrieves the required auracite and Construct 8 immediately requests orders from Ramza. Wanting to have some fun, Ramza orders Construct 8 to attack Mustadio. Construct 8 overdoes it, knocking Mustadio out, and Ramza had to get him a Phoenix Down.

Later, Besrudio discovers another device, this time a dimensional portal. An auracite is needed and again Ramza retrieves the correct one. When the machine is activated, it transports Cloud Strife into Ivalice.

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