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Besaid Temple is a location in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, situated in Besaid Village on the Isle of Besaid.

This temple is where the aeon, Valefor, resides as the temple's fayth, a young girl. It is here Yuna completes her studies and becomes a summoner.


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Final Fantasy X[]

Tidus meets Yuna for the first time.

Wakka takes Tidus to Besaid Village and introduces him to the temple where a summoner is praying for the fayth. Tidus gets concerned when he hears the summoner hasn't been back for a long time. Though only the summoners and their guardians are allowed inside the heart of the temple, Tidus does not care and ventures deeper anyway to check on them. He comes across Lulu and Kimahri who are not happy to see him there. The door to the Chamber of the Fayth opens and Yuna stumbles out, having obtained her first aeon, Valefor, and thus become a full-fledged summoner.

Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm[]

Tasgio talking to Yuna.

Yuna enters the temple to find Wakka talking with Tasgio. Tasgio talks to Yuna, explaining that he has come to the temple to talk about his grandson who has joined the Youth League, but he and his wife are with New Yevon, and he is worried about him. He mentions that his grandchildren are moving too quickly. Yuna mentions that new groups have emerged in the past two years where everyone wants to rebuild Spira. She tells Tasgio to speak to his grandson since she's sure that he wants the same for Spira as they all do.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

Wakka in the temple.

Fiends pour out of the Chamber of the Fayth in the temple, and although Beclem wants to burn it to the ground to stop the infestation, Wakka objects and ventures into the temple alone to stop the fiends. He is saved by the Gullwings who defeat the possessed Valefor in the Chamber of the Fayth, and stop the fiend outbreak. Wakka decides to take better care of himself as he is about to become a father. Beclem agrees to leave the temple alone, and later departs the island, having somewhat changed his mind about Wakka.

Final Fantasy X-2.5 ~Eien no Daishō~[]

The temple may be more ancient than previously implied, predating Yevon. A thousand years ago during the Machina War Besaid was a place where summoners trained and housed a temple with statues depicting deities that used to be worshiped before Yevon's rise. Those days summoners followed different traditions and made their own fayth with help of someone they shared a deep bond with. Summoners used to discard their old name in exchange for a name of a deity and would hold it until it would pass on to someone else upon their death.

Yuna and Tidus end up shipwrecked on an unknown island and Tidus theorizes it to be the Besaid of a thousand years ago. After Tidus is killed in a freak accident and beckoned back to the world by Yuna's feelings for him, the two find themselves in a temple that resembles the Besaid Temple, but has no fayth and the Cloister of Trials is different. In the temple's main hall they come across the statues of the gods people worshiped before the time of Yevon: Kush, goddess of food and shelter; Velm, god of safety; Slone, god of quenching regret; Arb, god of knowledge; Luchel; god of War, Kanaela; goddess of protection from darkness; Meiyou, goddess of light; and Guarudo, god of rest.

The pair eventually escapes the island and it is revealed the entire island was but a summoning.

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Temple aeon[]


Final Fantasy X[]

Temple trials[]

Aim: To descend towards the Chamber of the Fayth in order to find Yuna.

  • Examine the symbol at the back to make a glyph appear on the right wall, and touch the glyph to open the wall.
  • Enter the corridor and remove the Glyph Sphere from the recess, walking down the stairs afterwards.
  • Insert the sphere into the door below to open it, and then retrieve the sphere again once the door has stopped moving.
  • Walk across the corridor and insert the sphere into the left wall, opening it.
  • Ignore the opening and walk past it, turning the corner and touching the symbols to the right of the pedestal.
  • Enter the room and take the Besaid Sphere from the recess and insert it into the pedestal outside.
  • Return to the small room which was ignored and take the Destruction Sphere from inside, and insert it into where the Besaid Sphere was.
  • Go up to the destroyed wall and retrieve the Rod of Wisdom from the chest.
  • Return to the pedestal and push it forwards to the shining tile, completing the trials.

Final Fantasy X-2[]


Protect Besaid Temple![]
During Chapter 3. This is a compulsory mission required to complete the game.

Fiends have appeared deep within the temple where Yuna first trained. Get rid of them before Beclem sets fire to the entire place!

  • Objective: Purge the fiends from the temple.
  • Unlock: Becomes available at beginning of Chapter Three.
  • Reward: None


Final Fantasy X[]

Final Fantasy X-2[]

Chapter 3
  • Search Sphere (need Besaid Key, can also be obtained in Chapter 5)
  • Mana Spring x2
Chapter 5


Final Fantasy X-2[]

Chapter 3

Musical themes[]

In Final Fantasy X, the choral "Hymn of the Fayth" is played in Besaid Temple. The theme played in the Cloister of Trials is called "The Trials". "Hymn of the Fayth - Valefor" plays in the Chamber of the Fayth.

In Final Fantasy X-2, the theme played in the temple is simply called "The Temples". The dungeon theme "Labyrinth" plays in the Cloister of Trials.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

FFAB Besaid Temple FFX Special.png
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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Behind the scenes[]

The Yevon script on the walls in the Cloister of Trials spells out the route of the pilgrimage: Besaid, Kilika, Djose, Macalania, Bevelle, Zanarkand, Sin. There is also Yevon script on the temple that mentions Baaj.


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