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Beryl is a character and summonable unit in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius exclusive to the global version. Beryl is one of the Fan Festa contest design winners. As its name and appearance can tell, he is a Tonberry.

His Trust Master Reward is the Light's Vengeance. And his Super Trust Master Reward is the Fallen Angle.



Beryl's appearance is largely consistent between his in-game sprite and concept artwork, but has a few differences. He is a Tonberry with a blueish-green skin wearing a navy trench coat with a hood so big that it covers most of his head. The hood has a zipper line which ends at the tip.

In the official artwork he carries a large knife known as the Fallen Angle (his STMR), this blade has three candles which symbolize his unit concept with self-death. This weapon is missing from his in-game sprite instead using the signature Kitchen's Knife of his species along with a lantern (which he does not carry in his original drawing).

Beryl is shown to have a cross-shaped scar on its head, but his in-game sprite somehow seems to be missing this. It is not clear if it was edited out or is simply not visible because of his hood.



  • Beryl is unique among the global version Fan Festa winners as the only non-humanoid unit, and also the only male.