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Berth (港町バース, Minatochō Bāsu?) is a seaside town in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It's located to the south of Mt. Wells.


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The Warriors of Light come here on a battleship. While asking people here about Burtgang, they come across a Drunkard who walks away after hearing Sarah's name. She tells everyone that the Drunkyard is actually a survived man from Burtgang. A man tell them that he lives on Mt. Wells so they go after him.

Return from Mt. Well, the Warriors ask the Inn owner about Gawain. He tells them that the drunkard had stayed there but he left early. Sarah felts tired so the team spend a night inside the Inn.

Sarah disappeared.

In the morning, Sarah disappears. Sol, who eavesdropped the conversation between Sarah and Gawain, tells them that Sarah is probably heading to Burtgang. They find Dr, Lugae, who is stil docking nearby, and ask him to take them to Burtgang with his ship.
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Item Place
Ether Pot (northweast)
Antidote Barrel (house in the northweast)
Golden Needle Pot (southweast)
Sacred Candle Pot (Inn)
Phoenix Down Barrel (near bridge)
Eye Drops Barrel (Pub)
3000 Gil Barrel (near Inn)



Item Price
Potion 30
Hi-Potion 150
Phoenix Down 200
Golden Needle 400
Ether 1500
Maiden's Kiss 60
Mallet 80
Echo Grass 50
Eye Drops 30
Antidote 40
Tent 200
Cottage 800
Scared Cande 100


Item Price
Air Knife 5800
Bastard Sword 9800
Squall Lance 9200
Greataxe 9700
Burning Knuckles 9000
Fey Staff 8800
Amphibian Rod 8500
Dark Bow 7600
Marchen Harp 8200
Baleen 11000


Item Price
Gold Shield 5000
Scholar's Hat 5200
Dark Hat 5500
Close Helm 5900
Scholar's Gown 8800
Faerie Robe 7000
Close Armor 7500
Gauntlet 3800
Rune Bangle 3500

White Magic[]

Item Price
Basuna 1500
Confuse 1500
Teleport 1500
Curaja 3000
Blink 3000
Shell 3000

Black Magic[]

Item Price
Drain 1500
Break 1500
Bio 1500
Osmose 3000
Stop 3000
Tornado 3000

The Inn charges 300 Gil per stay.



The word berth was originally used to describe beds and sleeping accommodation on boats and ships and has now been extended to refer to similar facilities on trains, aircraft, buses and trucks.