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These seeq warriors rely on their instincts, attacking with savage blows.


Berserker is a job in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift available to the seeq. It focuses on dealing massive damage and smashing the opponent's armor, allowing for even more damage to be dealt. Despite the job's name its only Berserk-inducing ability is Critical: Berserk.



These ferocious attacks of the BERSERKER defy the conventions of battle and belief.

Skill Equipment Range AP
Scream Poison Knuckles All sides 300
Let out a blood curdling scream that removes buffs from surrounding units.
Hone Senses Survivor Self 200
Sharpen the user's senses, raising CRITICAL HIT rate.
Furore Kaiser Knuckles All sides 200
A violent attack that damages and knocks back surrounding units.
Ground Shaker Death Claws 4-sq. line in front of user 350
Smash the ground, sending a shock wave radiating from the unit. Deal earth damage.
Smite of Rage Cat Claws Weapon range 350
Focus the user's rage into a devastating attack. Deals damage and inflicts various debuff.
Inner Calm Metal Knuckles Self 250
Center the user's thoughts, raising EVASION.
Helm Smash Godhand 1 400
A fierce attack aimed at the target's head. Deals damage and may destroy the target's helm.
Smash Tiger Fangs 1 400
Launch a focused strike at the target. Deals damage and may destroy the target's accessory.


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Critical: Berserk Gauntlets Gain BERSERK when user becomes HP critical. 150
Counter Headband Counter attack when targeted with an offensive action. 150


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Attack↑ Leather Knuckles Raises ATTACK. Increases physical damage dealt. 150
Death Strike Bracer Makes the user lucky. Increases chance to score a critical hit. 150

Other appearances

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game

Berserker Seeq TCG

Berserker appears with an Earth-elemental card.



Berserker was originally a term for Norse warriors who fought with uncontrollable rage and reckless disregard for their own lives. The term itself is typically translated as "bear's skin" in reference to the animal skins Vikings would wear into battle. Theories about what causes berserkergang, the fury Berserkers go into, include possession by an animal spirit, drunken rage, and ritualistic dancing. Berserkers are often depicted in art as men with crazed eyes biting their shields in anticipation of battle.

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