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Squall Leonhart under the Berserk status in Final Fantasy VIII.

Berserk (バーサク, Bāsaku?) is a recurring status effect in the Final Fantasy series. Generally, berserked units have increased attack power and speed and cannot be controlled, but they can only use physical attacks. In more recent games with action RPG combat, Berserk makes the afflicted powerful but makes them receive more damage in return.

The status is usually gained through a spell of the same name and an item called Bacchus's Wine. The job class Berserker is always berserked, and uses it for greater physical damage. Characters under Berserk usually glow red and in some games also emit steam from their head.

Inflicting Berserk on an enemy may interrupt powerful spells or final attacks, provided the party can mitigate the boosted physical damage.


Final Fantasy II[]

Berserk increases the attack power of one or all allies in battle, allowing them to inflict more physical damage per hit. This increment increases with the Berserk spell's level and with the caster's Intelligence. The effect can stack; however, attack power is capped at 255 and further castings will have no effect.

Final Fantasy IV[]

Berserk symbol (DS).

A character afflicted with Berserk becomes uncontrollable and attacks automatically at every turn with a 50% bonus to attack power. In addition to the Berserk spell and Bacchus's Wine item, the Avenger sword makes the wielder permanently Berserked until it is unequipped. The Crystal Mail protects the user from Berserk, even with the Avenger equipped.

The Psycho Edward bug in the Game Boy Advance port involves placing Edward under Berserk status.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-[]

The Berserk status returns as a status effect and it functions the same way as its predecessor.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

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Final Fantasy V[]

The Berserker job is in a constant Berserk state and cannot be controlled. The Berserker also learns the state of Auto-Berserk as a passive trait that can be equipped to other classes. The Blue Magic spell Moon Flute inflicts Berserk on the entire party. Via the Kiss of Blessing bug in the SNES version, the player can inflict Berserk on targets that are meant to be immune to it.

Berserk characters deal increased damage via the following formula:

The status can be removed with Dispel. Berserked characters are immune to Confuse, the Flirt command, and the effects of the Lilith Rod. Enemies under the influence cannot be controlled or execute counterattacks. Berserked party members may still use Counter. In the mobile and Steam versions, Berserk no longer resets a character's ATB bar.

Final Fantasy VI[]

When a character is under the effects of the Berserk status, they deal more damage and become uncontrollable, automatically attacking a random enemy on their turn. The berserked character may randomly use Attack, Mug, Jump, Rage, and Magitek, depending what they have available. An Attack command is added to the list of possible actions even if the character cannot normally use it. If a character selects a command before being berserked, but before they take action, then that command is still executed.

Berserked monsters always use their standard physical attack.

Umaro is in a constant uncontrollable pseudo-berserk state. Gau (and Gogo, due to his/her ability to use Rage), once having chosen a monster from the Rage list, become uncontrollable for the rest of the battle. Mog also falls into this state after successfully dancing. All these states are similar to the Berserk ailment, and the Berserk status can still be applied on top of these pseudo-berserk states.

If a character is inflicted with the Berserk status while riding a Magitek Armor, they randomly attack with Fire Beam, Ice Beam, or Thunder Beam on a random enemy. This can be a problem if some of the enemies absorb elements.

Final Fantasy VII[]

Berserk increases the character's physical attack damage by x1.5 at the cost of losing control of them. Berserked units physically attack a random enemy every chance they get and never deal critical hits.

An amusing glitch results with some enemies that are not immune to Berserk but do not have a specified attack to use when berserked. The game falls back on having them use a spell that costs more MP than they will ever have, and thus continually gives the message "[Enemy]'s skill power is used up". Pairing the Mystify Materia with Added Effect lets the player add the status to a character's physical attacks, or defend against the status, depending whether the combination is set in a character's weapon or armor.

Game Element Type Effect
Berserk Magic Inflicts Berserk 80% of the time when used on enemies, and 100% of the time when used on allies.
War Gong Item Inflicts Berserk 80% of the time when used on enemies, and 100% of the time when used on allies.
Howling Moon Limit Break Inflicts Berserk and Haste on user, and increases Attack by 60%.
Berserk Needle Enemy Attack Inflicts minor non-elemental damage and Berserk.
Crazy Claw Enemy Attack Inflicts minor non-elemental damage and Berserk.
Peace Ring Accessory Prevents Berserk, Fury, and Sadness.
Fury Ring Accessory Automatically puts wearer in Berserk mode.

Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

The Berserk status is granted by the Berserk spell. It increases both damage dealt and damage taken.

Final Fantasy VIII[]

FFVIII Berserk Symbol.PNG

Berserk boosts damage by 50% and makes the afflicted attack a random opponent each turn.

The Mad Rush command inflicts Berserk on the party, as well as Haste and Protect. Other ways to gain the status are via the Berserk spell and certain enemy attacks, such as Malboro's Bad Breath. The effect is removed using Esuna, the healing item Remedy or the Treatment command.

Rinoa's Angel Wing Limit Break puts her in a type of Berserk status, but rather than using physical attacks, she casts a random spell from her magic stock without actually expending the spells. If there are no spells to cast, she performs a physical attack at five times the normal strength.

Final Fantasy IX[]

FFIX Berserk Symbol.PNG

Dagger can inflict targets with Berserk with the White Magic spell Berserk. It is also used by Ozma as a counterattack. Freya can also inflict Berserk on all allies by using Luna. The enemy ability Buzz inflicts Berserk.

Berserk is cured by Gysahl Greens.

While under the Berserk status, targets cannot input commands and only use the default Attack command, gaining a +50% damage boost.

Final Fantasy X[]

Berserk can only be inflicted by enemies, but is listed under Immunities when scanning. Berserked targets attack uncontrollably for increased damage. The status increases all damage by 50%, not just physical, but there is only one case where this can be seen: when a Guado Guardian casts Berserk on an Evil Eye, it increases the damage of their magical Gaze attack.

The status can be cured with Esuna or a Remedy. Provoke and Threaten will also remove the Berserk status from an enemy.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

FFX-2 Berserk Icon.png

Dresspheres that normally cannot attack (Songstress, White Mage, Black Mage) can do so while under the Berserk status. Any commands that are queued before being afflicted with Berserk will still go off. Berserked party members also receive a 25% boost from recovery items.

Game Element Type Effect
Soul Swipe Flimflam Inflicts Berserk.
Assault Swordplay Grants Berserk, Shell, Haste, and Protect to the party.
Kogoro Shock Kogoro Inflicts Lightning-elemental damage as well as Berserk.
Pesky Ghiki Ghiki Inflicts non-elemental damage and Berserk.
Berserk Instinct Grants Berserk as well as increasing Attack power.
Berserk Knife Cutlery Inflicts non-elemental damage and Berserk.
Mad Seeds Fallalery Inflicts non-elemental magic damage and Berserk.
Berserk Missile Machinations Inflicts physical damage and Berserk.
Crazy Wing Dextral Arts Inflicts non-elemental magic damage and Berserk.
Cat Nip Accessory Gives the wearer the SOS ??? ability.
In the International and HD Remaster versions, Cat Nip gives the wearer Auto-Berserk and Auto-Slow.
Bloodlust Accessory Gives the wearer Auto-Berserk and Auto-Poison, but boosts Strength.

Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission[]

Berserk causes the character to uncontrollably move towards enemies and attack them with increased physical strength, without being able to take any other action. Some fiends inflict the status with their regular attacks. The Berserker's ability Berserk allows the character to enter the status at will. The auto-ability Berserkproof makes the character immune to the status.

Final Fantasy XI[]

FFXI Attack Up Status.png

Berserk is a beneficial status gained from a job ability used by Warriors. Rather than having the character attack relentlessly, it increases Attack power and simultaneously reduces Defense power.

Final Fantasy XII[]

Berserk icon.

The character has given in to rage, fighting relentlessly with heightened attack power. Remove by casting Dispel.


The Berserk spell is either an Arcane Magick (original) or Time Magick (Zodiac versions). Bacchus's Wine also inflicts the status, although in the original version it has a chance of missing (it always works in the Zodiac versions). The weapon Avenger can also inflict Berserk to an enemy. Certain monsters' attacks can inflict the Berserk status as well. The Zodiac versions introduce the Berserker Bracers accessory which generate a constant Berserk status.

Berserk increases the speed at which ATB charges to 200% of the normal speed, and the attack damage to 150% of normal damage. Units with Berserk are immune to Confuse.

The formula for the duration is:

In addition to the increased attack power and the loss of control, berserked characters attack faster, similar to Haste; this only affects Charge Time, not the actual attack animation. The status effect can be deemed positive in that it has a blue font, is removed with Dispel rather than Esuna, is not blocked by Ribbons, and persists even if a save crystal is touched. Though, unlike other buffs, it can be resisted and thus miss, similar to Decoy. Enemies and traps will also still inflict it maliciously against the party. The effect is temporary.

A character in Berserk cannot be controlled as a party leader, cannot use Quickenings, and is immune to Confuse. Berserk's attack and speed enhancing traits can be further boosted by stacking the afflicted with Bravery and Haste.

At one point, Fran automatically enters Berserk while fighting Vossler.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings[]

RW Berserk Status Symbol.png

Berserk can be used by Ba'Gamnan, who learns the spell of the same name at level 12.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Berserk status icon.

Berserk causes all attacks to be critical and direct hits. It is granted by the Warrior Warrior ability Berserk Berserk.

Final Fantasy XV[]

Berserk icon in FFXV.png

Status that significantly increases attack and magic, but reduces vitality and spirit to zero.


Berserk is exclusive to some enemies, such as the mindflayers. The status can also be inflicted on monsters in Totomostro with the Horn of Madness.

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

FFT Berserk Status Symbol.PNG

When a unit is berserked, they acquire a bright red tint and a red star in a speech bubble above their head. The status can be inflicted through the Templar's Spellblade or Mystic's Fervor, an Orator's Insult, and the special abilities Mind Blast by Mindflayer or Grand Cross by Ultima. Berserk lasts for the duration of the battle.

When berserked, a unit's effective PA is equal to [PA * 3/2]. The unit is uncontrollable, and always uses the ATTACK command. Thy cannot use reaction abilities and certain move abilities, such as Move-HP Up and Move-Get Exp. They also tend to attack in front of the opponent.

Equipping Magick Ring, Barette or Ribbon prevents berserk.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[]

The Defender job class can learn the reaction ability Last Berserk, which causes the Defender to self-Berserk when in HP Critical status. The Juggler job class can learn the ability Firebomb, which berserks and deals damage. The Soldier job class learns Provoke, which berserks the target. Animists learn the ability Catnip, which brserks the target.

The Berserk status is especially useful when there is a law prohibiting the Fight command. Placing enemy units under Berserk forces them to use Fight, thus allowing them to get sent off.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

FFTA2 Berserk Status Symbol.png

Berserk can be inflicted through the Trickster ability Snigger, the Soldier ability Provoke, the Animist ability Catnip, the support ability Critical: Berserk, or through the use of the enemy ability Tomato Ketchup.

The Berserk status makes the afflicted uncontrollable and the unit will only use the Fight command.

Final Fantasy Dimensions[]

The affected turns red and emits steam. Berserk boosts ATK, but the unit can only attack. This status also gives Attack a cast time. It wears off after a fight.

Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008)[]

Whenever the player engages any piece on a stage, all battle pieces adjacent to the player become Berserk and the player must engage them instantly, unable to customize their character or use any skills before the battle.

Some battle pieces start in Berserk, and fight the player if they place their piece adjacent to them. Berserked battle pieces glow red. The effects of Berserk can be nullified once by using the Blink skill, or all the time, including all the next stages of the story, with the Invisible skill.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

FFRK Berserk Status Icon.png
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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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Mobius Final Fantasy[]

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World of Final Fantasy[]

WoFF Berserk Icon.png

Berserk forces the afflicted to only use the "Attack" command on enemies uncontrollably but with increased damage.

Game Element Type Effect
Berserk Active Ability Inflicts Berserk on a single target.
Dance with me! Active Ability Inflicts Berserk on all targets.
Moon Flute Active Ability Inflicts Berserk on all targets.
Destroyer Active Ability User gains Berserk/Haste.
Howling Moon Active Ability User gains Berserk/Haste/Evasion ↑.
Walnut Frenzy Active Ability User recovers HP and gains Regen/Berserk.
Kozuka Active Ability Inflicts neutral Physical damage/Berserk to random targets. Hits three times.
Kuparrr! Active Ability Inflicts neutral Physical damage/Berserk to random targets. Hits multiple times.
Resist Berserk Passive Ability Protects the user against Berserk.
Overheat Passive Ability User will sometimes be bestowed Berserk upon taking Fire damage.
Overclock Passive Ability While Berserk, user gains Agility ↑ but causes HP to drain.
War Gong Item Sometimes inflicts Berserk to a single target.
Tranquilizer Item Removes Berserk from a single target.
Remedy+ Item Removes all status ailments from a single target.
Berserk Mirajewel Mirajewel Allows Lann or Reynn to use Berserk.
Resist Berserk Mirajewel Mirajewel Raises Lann or Reynn's Resistance to Berserk to 100.
Berserk Seed Ability Seed Allows a Mirage to use Berserk.
Resist Berserk Seed Ability Seed Raises a Mirage's Resistance to Poison to 100.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Bravely series[]

Berserked units in Bravely Default and Bravely Second have raised Physical Attack by 50% but the afflicted attacks random enemies if there are multiple.

Chrono Trigger[]

Chrono Trigger Berserk Status.png

A character under the Berserk status randomly attacks an enemy without input from the player. They deal more damage than normal and have boosted defense. Characters under the status are red, in the same manner of Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI.


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