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Causes berserk status.


Berserk is a White Magic spell in Final Fantasy V that inflicts the berserk effect on one target. Berserk is guaranteed to hit, and the effect can be both positive and negative. It is usable only by the White Magic skillset (meaning White Magic must be equipped for it to be Dualcast). Berserk is also one of the spells that can be cast for free from the Wonder Wand.

Berserk is also an enemy ability that can be used by Enuo, Fury, Mammon, Triffid, and Treant


Bereserk can be purchased for 6,000 gil at Moore.

Berserk can also be used by catching and releasing a Mammon.


Berserk is guaranteed to hit unless the target has reflect or petrify. The status causes target to ignore all commands and constantly attack (turning off their AI script, incrasing their attack and speed). This prevents them from casting spells, but unlike Silence or Toad, is guaranteed to hit. Though Berserk does increase the physical damage dealt, in magical enemies' cases, it can still overall reduce an enemy's damage output.

Berserk can be a great way to weaken an enemy certain enemies, especially ones otherwise immune to other statuses. For instance, King Behemoth is greatly weakened by Berserk, as casting it prevents them from countering attacks. This means it overall reduces its damage output, and makes it much easier to defeat. Against other enemies, spells such as Silence, Toad, Stop, or Sleep can be more crippling. One strategy is to inflict the enemy with berserk, and then protect the party from physical damage with Blink, Image, or Earthen Wall.

Aside from the Berserk spell, the status can also be inflicted with the Blessed Kiss and Bacchus's Cider mixes, and Moon Flute Blue Magic spell.