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Below Castle Lux (ルクス城地下, Rukusu Jō Chika?) is the first Dungeon in Final Fantasy Dimensions. As its name implies, it is the area below Castle Lux. The dungeon is fairly straightforward with few branching paths and the mechanic of uses triggers or switches such as a chain on the wall to access something is introduced.


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Sol, Diana, and Glaive go to Castle Lux in order to see Aigis to try and stop him from joining the Empire, forcing Diana to move away as well. However, the three are stopped by Biggs and Wedge at the gates. Glaive leads Sol and Diana to a statue to the side of the castle, revealing a secret passage below the castle.

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Item Place
Leather Shield B1F
Tent B2F
Broadsword B2F
Potion B2F, B3F
Leather Helm B3F
100 Gil B3F


Musical themes[]

The theme of the area below Castle Lux is the same as the theme of Castle Lux.


Lux is the SI unit of illuminance and luminous emittance, measuring luminous flux per unit area. It is also the Latin word for "light."

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