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Belleshantotto (FFXI)
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Belle Shantotto (オリジナル・シャントット, Orijinaru Shantotto?, lit. Original Shantotto), also known as B. Shantotto, is a character in Final Fantasy XI: A Shantotto Ascension - The Legend Torn, Her Empire Born. Though she is a good version of Shantotto, Belle is just evil for good reasons in her attempt to set up the "Holy Shantotto Empire".

Originally she and Domina Shantotto were the same Shantotto from the Vana'diel in another dimension, until Shantotto's spell brought her to this Vana'diel and split her into a good and evil counterpart. Though Aldo's group found her, believing her to be their Shantotto in hopes to defeat her evil counterpart, Belle Shantotto instead joins forces with her "sister" to use the "Shantottofication" to take over. However, Shantotto returns in time and convinces her separated counterparts to return to their world and likely be reintegrated to their original form.

Other appearancesEdit

DFF2015 Federal Black Devil B

Shantotto dressed as Belle in Dissidia 2015

Dissidia Final Fantasy NTEdit

While she does not appear in person, Belle Shantotto is alluded to via one of Shantotto's alternate costumes.


Belle is a French singular feminine adjective which means "beautiful". It also a used as a feminine name.

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