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Scion of darkness and guardian of the Holy Realm, made by the gods in opposition to the Transcendent Loghrif, scion of light. Called the Gigas for his appearance: man and monster fused as one. Considered a mistake upon his making, and receiving not his intended role, the Gigas challenged the gods and lost. Scorned by his masters, he found another: the Dynast-King, whose tomb he swore to protect for eternity.

Belias, the Gigas is a level one Esper in Final Fantasy XII. He is found in the Tomb of Raithwall guarding King Raithwall's tomb, and the first Esper obtained. Belias resists damage from Axes and Hammers. His license costs 10 LP, and he requires one Mist Charge to summon.

Belias can be unlocked in the Sky Pirate's Den in the Clan Primer. By acquiring every Esper, including Zodiark, the player gets the award of "High Summoner".

Belias is also Ashe's summon in the playable demo. Though the player may assign him to any party member, in the Final Fantasy XII manga Belias's glyph is emblazoned on the back of Ashe's hand to mark his servitude to her.


Belias appears as a four-armed giant with ram-like horns. He is associated the sign Aries, the Ram, which is visible by his horns. From his power of Fire, Belias's color sign is red. He is referred to as the Mesha Ascendant, which is the Sanskrit name of its zodiac sign as used in Jyotish (Hindu) astrology.

Belias is based on a Lucavi from Final Fantasy Tactics. He returns in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings as a Rank III Magical (Ranged) Fire summon.


Final Fantasy XII[]

Belias is fought in the Tomb of Raithwall as he guards King Raithwall. He must be summoned to open the gate to the Giruvegan, and is the only summon who is required in the main story.

Final Fantasy XII manga[]

Belias in the manga.

The Esper's glyph marks itself on the summoner's body as a sign of its servitude to him/her. Ashe's group enters the Tomb of Raithwall and to Belias's chamber and Basch, Vossler, Fran and Balthier battle Belias while Ashe, Vaan and Penelo try to enter the door the Esper was guarding to get the Dawn Shard.

Vaan wishes to assist in fighting Belias, but Ashe tells him their mission to retrieve the Dawn Shard takes priority. Vaan is displeased with Ashe's attitude towards power and her friends, and leaves her to retrieve the nethicite herself. Ashe returns to protect Vaan before Belias can strike him down, and the group defeats it, Belias's glyph marking the back of Ashe's hand.

The group is captured by Judge Magister Ghis and brought to the Dreadnought Leviathan where Ashe enters a trance-like state and summons Belias against Ghis. As the Dawn Shard's reaction causes a chain of system failures and explosions through the airship, Ashe awakens from her trance and sees her arm where Belias's glyph appeared has grown bulbous and deformed. She dismisses Belias, causing her arm to be cut to a stump below the elbow.


After being fought as a boss, Belias's license can be purchased for 10 LP. In the Zodiac versions, Belias license now costs 20 LP.

Unlocked abilities in Zodiac versions[]

Esper licenses sometimes unlock licenses that could not otherwise be reached. Belias's license will appear on all boards, but once chosen by a character, will disappear from all other boards. In The Zodiac Age version, the player can choose two licence boards for each playable character, and activated licenses are activated on both boards if present.

Belias allows access to the following licenses on these boards:



Belias can be summoned for one Mist Charge.


A Fire-elemental attack. It is like the standard higher level Fire spell, and its power is boosted in the Zodiac versions.


A Fire-elemental attack, and Belias's ultimate attack. Twirling his staff, Belias summons a giant fireball. He then sets his staff ablaze, jumps high into the air and thrusts his staff into the earth, making the ground break apart. Fire and molten rock from the depths of hell spew out, burning everything in their path and damaging the enemy.

Gambit Information[]

Priority Condition Action
1 Remaining time < 10 seconds Hellfire[note 1]
2 Foe: fire-vulnerable Painflare
3 Foe: nearest visible Attack
4 Ally: HP < 100% Cura
Priority Condition Action
1 Remaining time < 10 seconds Hellfire[note 1]
2 Foe: character HP < 30% Hellfire[note 1]
3 Foe: Fire-absorb Attack
4 Foe: Fire-weak Painflare
5 Foe: nearest visible Painflare
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Targets enemy with highest HP


Stat FFXII Zodiac
Attack 61 61
Defense 20 30
Magick Defense 15 32

Belias absorbs Fire, is weak against Water, and takes half damage from every other element.


In The Zodiac Age, the HP values are doubled.

Level Max HP Max MP Strength Magic Vitality Speed
1 1,215-1,216 184-188 36 47 26 26
10 1,417-1,452 238-278 41 52 28 28
20 1,785-1,884 318-418 47 58 31 30
30 2,257-2,442 400-562 53 64 34 33
40 2,704-2,970 500-742 59 70 36 35
50 3,418-3,817 586-894 65 76 39 37
60 4,048-4,564 666-999 71 82 42 40
70 4,405-4,984 726-999 77 88 45 42
80 4,818-5,470 786-999 82 93 47 44
90 5,380-6,136 826-999 88 99 50 47
99 6,015-6,889 844-999 94 99 53 49
Level Max HP Max MP Strength Magic Vitality Speed
1 890-891 23-25 45 46 26 26
10 1,025-1,048 50-70 50 51 28 28
20 1,270-1,336 90-140 56 57 30 30
30 1,585-1,708 131-212 62 63 33 33
40 1,883-2,060 181-302 68 69 35 35
50 2,359-2,625 224-378 74 75 37 37
60 2,779-3,123 264-448 80 81 40 40
70 3,017-3,403 294-498 86 87 42 42
80 3,292-3,727 324-548 91 92 44 44
90 3,667-4,171 344-578 97 98 47 47
99 4,090-4,673 353-587 99 99 49 49


Name Range Target CT(Charge Time) Type Element Power
Attack 3 Single 30 Physical None 61
Cura 10 Circle 10 23 Magick None 46
Fira 10 Circle 8 23 Magick Fire 67
Painflare 12 Single 15 Magick Fire 65
Hellfire 12 Circle 10 0 Magick Fire 100
Name Range Target CT(Charge Time) Type Element Power
Attack 3 Single 30 Physical None 61
Painflare 12 Single 16 Magick Fire 60
Hellfire 12 Circle 8 35 Magick Fire 100

Status Effects[]


In the Zodiac versions only:


Belias is a boss fought in Tomb of Raithwall. In the Zodiac versions, he is also fought in the Trial Mode at Stage 10, where he yields Sword of Kings and the Goddess's Magicite as steals. His unique attack, Firaja, deals heavy Fire damage to everyone in the party, and also has the potential to inflict the Oil status. Belias has a high Magick Resist, but has an elemental weakness to Water.



In Christianity, Belias means "Father of Lies". Belial (also Belias; from Hebrew בְּלִיַּ֫עַל Bəliyyáʻal; also named Matanbuchus, Mechembuchus, or Meterbuchus in older scripts) is a demon in the Bible, Christian apocrypha and Jewish apocrypha, and also a term used to characterize the wicked or worthless. Some scholars translate it from Hebrew as "worthless" (Beli yo'il), while others translate it as "yokeless" (Beli ol), "may have no rising" (Belial), or "never to rise" (Beli ya'al).

Belias's link to Aries and the Ram may be based on "belias" being similar to the French word for Aries, Bélier.