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In darkness the Crystal dreams as from the flames of destruction a new beginning rises. Come brave heroes heed the Crystal's call. Gather once more and witness a realm reborn.

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Before Meteor: FINAL FANTASY XIV Original Soundtrack is the official soundtrack for Final Fantasy XIV (version 1.0), and includes all original songs composed by Nobuo Uematsu for the initial release, as well as every song added on subsequent patches and a remastered version of the "A New Beginning" trailer that was revealed once the Final Fantasy XIV servers were brought down. New songs composed for A Realm Reborn are not included in this soundtrack.

The Blu-ray format was chosen due to the high number of tracks, allowing it to be a single disc release instead of multiple discs. The package includes a code that can be applied to the user's Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn account to obtain a Wind-up Dalamud minion.

Track list[]

  1. Prelude - Remembrance — 5:50
    (プレリュード ~追憶の煌めき~, Pureryūdo ~Tsuioku no Kirameki~?, lit. Prelude ~Glimmering of Recollection~)
    Plays in the title screen.
  2. Opening Theme — 5:56
    (オープニングテーマ, Ōpeningu Tēma?, lit. Opening Theme)
  3. Navigator's Glory - The Theme of Limsa Lominsa — 3:56
    (潮風の集う街 ~リムサ・ロミンサのテーマ~, Shiokaze wo Tsudō Machi ~Rimusa Rominsa no Tēma~?, lit. City that Gathers the Sea Breeze ~The Theme of Limsa Lominsa~)
    Plays in Limsa Lominsa.
  4. Freedom — 5:30
    (自由なる風に吹かれて, Jiyūnaru Kaze ni Fukarete?, lit. Lifted by the Winds of Freedom)
    Plays in La Noscea from patch 1.18 onward.
  5. On Windy Meadows — 5:18
    (ラノシアの疾風, Ranoshia no Hayate?, lit. Gales of La Noscea)
    Plays in La Noscea before patch 1.18.
  6. Nail of the Heavens — 3:17
    (天楔, Tenketsu?, lit. Wedge from the Heavens)
    Plays in normal battles in La Noscea.
  7. In the Shadow of the Colossus — 3:28
    (旭影を追いかけ, Kyokuei wo Oikakete?, lit. Chasing the Rising Sun)
    Plays during Battle Guildleves in La Noscea.
  8. Siren Song — 2:05
    (セイレーンの呼び声, Seirēn no Yobikoe?, lit. Siren's Call)
    Plays during the Blacksmith & Armorer quest "The Sound of Silence".
  9. Born of the Boughs - The Theme of Gridania
    (木々のさざめく街 ~グリダニアのテーマ~, Kigi no Sazameku Machi ~Guridania no Tēma~?, lit. City of the Boisterous Trees ~The Theme of Gridania~) — 5:02
    Plays in Gridania.
  10. Whisper of the Land — 5:28
    (冥き地の底に, Kuraki Chi no Soko ni?, lit. To the Depths of the Dark Land)
    Plays in the Black Shroud from patch 1.18 onward.
  11. Emerald Labyrinth — 3:33
    (黒衣の迷宮, Kokue no Meikyū?, lit. The Labyrinth of the Black Shroud)
    Plays in the Black Shroud before patch 1.18.
  12. The Forest's Pulse — 3:04
    (鳴動, Meidō?, lit. Resonance)
    Plays in normal battles in the Black Shroud.
  13. Bathed in Woodsin — 3:28
    (草藪を掻きわけ, Kusayabu wo Kakiwake?, lit. Pushing aside the Brush)
    Plays during Battle Guildleves in the Black Shroud.
  14. March of the Moogles — 0:44
    (モーグリ行進曲, Mōguri Kōshinkyoku?, lit. March of the Moogles)
    Plays during the opening cutscene for Gridania as well as in the Main Scenario quest "Sundered Skies".
  15. The Twin Faces of Fate - The Theme of Ul'dah — 5:32
    (運命の交わる街 ~ウルダハのテーマ~, Unmei no Kawaru Machi ~Urudaha no Tēma~?, lit. City where Fates Cross ~The Theme of Ul'dah~)
    Plays in Ul'dah.
  16. Twilight over Thanalan — 4:12
    (ザナラーンの黄昏, Zanarān no Tasogare?, lit. Twilight of Thanalan)
    Plays in Thanalan before patch 1.18.
  17. Widdershins — 3:24
    (深き海の淵に, Fukakiumi no Fuchi ni?, lit. To the Abyss of the Deep Seas)
    Plays in Thanalan from patch 1.18 onward.
  18. Quicksand — 4:38
    (砂塵, Sajin?, lit. Sandstorm)
    Plays in normal battles in Thanalan.
  19. Desert Moon Defied — 3:20
    (砂礫を踏みしめ, Sareki wo Fumishime?, lit. Stamping Out the Gravel)
    Plays during Battle Guildleves in Thanalan.
  20. Unspoken — 3:13
    (クルザスの静寂, Kuruzasu no Seijaku?, lit. Serenity of Coethas)
    Plays in Coerthas.
  21. Pennons Aloft — 6:01
    (槍旗, Sōki?, lit. Pennon)
    Plays in normal battles in the Coerthas.
  22. Starlight and Sellswords — 3:50
    (桟道を上りて, Sandō wo Noborite?, lit. Climbing the Planks)
    Plays during Faction leves in Coerthas
  23. Tears for Mor Dhona — 4:27
    (モードゥナの涙雨, Mōdūna no Namida'ame?, lit. Tears of Mor Dhona)
    Plays in the Mor Dhona.
  24. Phantoms on the Lake — 5:20
    (幽境, Yūkyō?, lit. Solitude)
    Plays in normal battles in Mor Dhona.
  25. Supply & Demand — 1:44
    (街路の雑踏, Kairo no Zattō?, lit. Street Traffic)
    Plays in Market Wards.
  26. Behind Closed Doors — 3:28
    (安らぎの部屋, Yasuragi no Heya?, lit. Room of Tranquility)
    Plays inside inns.
  27. Horizons Calling — 2:51
    (地平線の彼方, Chiheisen no Kanata?, lit. Beyond the Horizon)
    Plays when taking the Ferry.
  28. No Quarter — 4:05
    (ノー・クォーター, Nō Kuōtā?, lit. No Quarter)
    Plays during Behest.
  29. Beneath Bloodied Banners — 5:50
    (紅蓮の戦旗の下に, Guren no Senki no Shita ni?, lit. Beneath the Crimson Banner)
    Battle theme.
  30. With these Hands — 2:58
    (すべてはこの手から, Subete wa Kono Te Kara?, lit. Everything with these Hands)
  31. By Design — 2:20
    (バイデザイン, Bai Dezain?, lit. By Design)
    Plays during Synthesis.
  32. Nature's Bounty — 2:22
    (自然の賜物, Shizen no Tamamono?, lit. Nature's Bounty)
  33. When a Tree Falls — 1:03
    (汗を流して, Ase wo Nagashite?, lit. Breaking a Sweat)
    Plays during Gathering Guildleves.
  34. Decisions — 2:30
    (駆け引き, Kakehiki?, lit. Bargaining)
    Plays during the Parley minigame, as well as inside the Waking Sands during the Main Scenario quest "Fade to White".
  35. Crowning Achievements — 0:11
    (栄光の賛歌, Eikō no Sanka?, lit. Hymn of Glory)
    Plays upon quest completion.
  36. Where the Heart Is — 2:33
    (心の故郷, Kokoro no Furusato?, lit. Home of the Heart)
    Plays during certain quests, including the Main Scenario quest "Toll of the Warden".
  37. Holy Consult — 4:39
    (聖なる助言者, Seinaru Jogensha?, lit. Holy Consult)
    Plays during the Conjurer quest "Good Knight, Sweet Dreams"
  38. Aetherial Slumber — 3:18
    (エーテルのまどろみ, Ēteru no Madoromi?, lit. Slumber of the Aether)
    Plays in the game's credits.
  39. The Echo — 1:45
    (追憶の迷路, Tsuioku no Meiro?, lit. Labyrinth of Recollection)
    Plays during certain cutscenes involving Echo, as well as in the Black Mage quest "Always Bet on Black".
  40. Fever Dream — 2:31
    (前触れ, Maebure?, lit. Herald)
    Plays during certain quests, including the Main Scenario quest "Living on a Prayer".
  41. Darring Dalliances — 1:46
    (日溜り, Hidamari?, lit. Sunny Spot)
    Plays during certain quests.
  42. Sacred Bonds — 2:57
    (哀愁, Aishō?, lit. Sorrow)
    Plays in a number of quests, including the Main Scenario quest "Futures Perfect".
  43. Piece of Mind — 3:16
    (清浄なる心, Seijōnaru Kokoro?, lit. Pure Heart)
    Plays during the Main Scenario quest "Living on a Prayer"
  44. Inner Recess — 1:19
    (焦燥の旅路, Shōsō no Tabiji?, lit. Restless Journey)
    Plays in a number of quests, including the Main Scenario quest "Futures Perfect".
  45. From the Heart — 2:27
    (帰るべき場所, Kaerubeki Basho?, lit. Place to Return to)
    Plays during the Miner quest "Little Saboteurs"
  46. Fourteen Steps — 3:13
    (また、ここから, Mata, Koko Kara?, lit. It Begins Again)
  47. Fragments of Forever — 2:22
    (永遠の欠片, Eien no Kakera?, lit. Fragments of Forever)
  48. Tranquility — 2:09
    (静かなる一刻, Shizukanaru Ikkoku?, lit. Peaceful Moment)
    Plays during the opening cutscene for Gridania, as well as a number of "Path of the Twelve" Main Scenario quests, including "Toll of the Warden".
  49. Neverborn — 2:08
    (疑惑の廻廊, Giwaku no Kairō?, lit. Cloister of Suspicion)
    Plays during certain quests.
  50. Everbinding Oath — 2:37
    (永遠の誓い, Eien no Chikai?, lit. Eternal Oath)
  51. Heavensturn — 4:27
    (降神祭, Kōshin Matsuri?, lit. Festival of Spirits)
    Played during the Heavensturn event.
  52. Moonfire Faire — 3:23
    (紅蓮祭, Guren Matsuri?, lit. Crimson Festival)
    Played during the Firefall Faire event, as well as the opening cutscene for Ul'dah.
  53. All Saint's Wake — 3:15
    (守護天節, Shugo Tensetsu?)
    Played during the All Saints Wake event.
  54. Starlight Celebration — 6:04
    (星芒祭, Seibōsai?)
    Played during the Starlight Celebration event.
  55. Conflagration — 5:02
    (紅き焔の熱に, Akaki Homura no Netsu ni?, lit. Into the Heat of Crimson Flames)
    Plays during the Main Scenario quest "Lord Errant".
  56. The Hero of Hatchingtide — 0:07
    (エッグハントの英雄, Egguhanto no Eiyū?, lit. Hero of the Egg Hunt)
  57. Enraptured — 4:02
    (淡き光の夢に, Awaki Hikaru no Yume ni?, lit. To Dreams of Fleeting Glows)
  58. Battle Drums — 4:02
    (蛮勇, Banyū?, lit. Savage)
    Plays in battle inside Zahar'ak.
  59. Bo-down — 5:40
    (レンタル de チョコボ, Rentaru de Chokobo?, lit. Rental de Chocobo)
    Plays when riding a chocobo.
  60. Fury — 5:18
    (憤怒, Fundō?, lit. Fury)
    Plays when fighting the last boss in Behest.
  61. The Seventh Gate — 5:40
    (試練の戦い, Shiren no Tatakai?, lit. Test of Battle)
    Plays during Skirmish.
  62. Victory Fanfare (Short) — 0:11
    (勝利のファンファーレ ~凱歌~ (ショート), Shōri no Fanfāre ~Gaika~ (Shōto)?, lit. Victory Fanfare ~Victory Theme~ (Short))
    Plays when the player levels up.
  63. Without Shadow — 3:08
    (忍び寄る闇, Shinobiyoru Yami?, lit. Creeping Shadow)
    Plays when an Ascian appears in the Main Scenario quest "Toll of the Warden".
  64. Canticle — 1:19
    (祈りの歌, Inori no Uta?, lit. Song of Prayer)
    Plays during certain quests, mainly involving Alphinaud and Alisaie.
  65. Wrath of the Eikons — 3:51
    (怒れる神々, Ikareru Kamigami?, lit. Angered Gods)
    Plays when Ifrit appears in the Main Scenario quest "Lord Errant".
  66. Primal Judgment — 5:07
    (原始の審判, Genshi no Shinpan?, lit. Primal Judgment)
    Plays when battling Ifrit.
  67. Final Respite — 3:31
    (夢はいまも……, Dreaming Even Now......?)
  68. The Dark's Embrace — 3:32
    (闇の抱擁, Yami no Hōyō?, lit. The Dark's Embrace)
    Standard theme inside Aurum Vale, Cutter's Cry, and Dzemael Darkhold.
  69. The Dark's Kiss — 3:28
    (闇の口付, Yami no Kuchizuke?, lit. The Dark's Kiss)
    Plays during battle inside Aurum Vale, Cutter's Cry, and Dzemael Darkhold.
  70. Nemesis — 4:53
    (ネメシス, Nemeshisu?, lit. Nemesis)
    Plays when fighting the last boss in Aurum Vale, Cutter's Cry, and Dzemael Darkhold.
  71. Victory Fanfare (Full) — 0:40
    (勝利のファンファーレ ~凱歌~ (ロング), Shōri no Fanfāre ~Gaika~ (Rongu)?, lit. Victory Fanfare ~Victory Theme~ (Long))
    Plays upon completion of dungeons.
  72. Maelstrom Command — 5:50
    (黒渦団軍令部, Kokkadan Gunreibu?, lit. Maelstrom Command)
    Plays inside the Grand Company, The Maelstrom.
  73. Into the Adder's Den — 4:11
    (双蛇党統合司令部, Sōjatō Tōgōshireibu?, lit. Twin Adder's Central Command)
    Plays inside the Grand Company, The Order of the Twin Adder.
  74. The Hall of Flames — 4:33
    (不滅隊作戦本部, Fumetsutai Sakusen Honbu?, lit. Immortal Flames Strategic Headquarters)
    Plays inside the Grand Company, The Immortal Flames.
  75. Honor and Duty — 0:08
    (名誉と義務, Meiyo to Gimu?, lit. Honor and Duty)
    Plays during Grand Company promotions.
  76. Eorzea de Chocobo — 4:24
    (エオルゼア de チョコボ, Eoruzea de Chokobo?, lit. Eorzea de Chocobo)
    Plays when riding a chocobo.
  77. Ripples in the Sea — 1:15
    (洋上の小波, Yōjō no Sazanami?, lit. Ripples in the Sea)
    Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn's theme.
  78. The Sands' Secrets — 1:30
    (砂の機密, Suna no Kimitsu?, lit. The Sands' Secrets)
    Raubahn's theme.
  79. Dewdrops & Moonbeams — 1:44
    (露の玉、月の光, Tsuyu no Tama, Tsuki no Hikari?, lit. Dewdrops & Moonbeams)
    Kan-E-Senna's theme.
  80. Dreams Aloft — 1:20
    (夢見るは遙かなる空, Yumemiru wa Harukanaru Sora?, lit. Dreams of a Distant Horizon)
  81. Airborne — 0:29
    (大空へ, Ōzora e?, lit. To the Grand Skies)
  82. Birds of a Feather — 1:25
    (キャラバン護衛, Kyaraban Gōei?, lit. Caravan Escort)
    Plays during Caravan Security events.
  83. Flee Together — 1:52
    (とんずら!, Tonzura!?, lit. Escape!)
  84. Quick as Silver, Hard as Stone — 5:00
    (疾きこと銀の如く、硬きこと石の如く, Tokikoto Kane no Gotoku, Katakikoto Ishi no Gotoku?, lit. Quick like Silver, Hard like Stone)
    Plays inside the U'Ghamaro Mines.
  85. Flightless Wings — 4:14
    (猛き嵐の剣に, Takeki Arashi no Ken ni?)
    Plays inside Natalan.
  86. Pitfire — 2:56
    (炎獄の火種, Engoku no Hidane?)
    Plays inside Zahar'ak.
  87. The Promise of Plunder — 3:49
    (隠し財宝を求めて, Kakushi Zaihō wo Motomete?, lit. In Search of Hidden Treasures)
    Plays in Shposhae and Mun-Tuy Cellars from patch 1.19 onward.
  88. Meteor — 4:06
    (メテオ, Meteo?, lit. Meteor)
    Plays during "United We Stand" quest cutscene with Nael van Darnus.
  89. Seven Jesters — 3:02
    (七匹の道化たち, Nanahiki no Dōketachi?, lit. Seven Jesters)
    Plays in the first half of the Good King Moggle Mog XII fight.
  90. Good King Moggle Mog XII — 5:38
    (善王モグル・モグXII世, Zen'ō Moguru Mogu XII?, lit. Good King Moggle Mog)
    Plays in the latter half of the Good King Moggle Mog XII fight.
  91. The Rider's Boon — 3:20
    (その背に揺られて, Sono Se ni Yurarete?, lit. Riding Upon Its Back)
    Plays when riding the Goobbue mount.
  92. Breaking Boundaries — 3:20
    (極限を超えて, Kyokugen wo Koete?, lit. Breaking Boundaries)
    Plays during all level 50 job quests.
  93. Relics — 1:58
    (古のジョブ, Inishe no Jobu?, lit. Jobs of Old)
  94. In the Arms of Althyk — 0:11
    (時神に誘われて, Tokikami ni Sasowarete?, lit. Beckoned by the God of Time)
    Plays when going to sleep inside an inn.
  95. Agent of Inquiry — 2:43
    (事件屋のアレ, Jikenya no Are?, lit. A Private Investigator's That)
    Plays during quests with Hildibrand.
  96. The Tug of Fate — 4:30
    (運命の導き, Unmei no Michibiki?, lit. Fate's Guidance)
    Plays during Hamlet Defense.
  97. To the Fore — 6:32
    (全隊前へ!, Zengun Mae e!?, lit. All Force to the Front!)
    Plays during boss battles in Hamlet Defense.
    Also used as the interstitial boss theme for dungeons in Heavensward and its expansions.
  98. Imperial Will — 5:09
    (帝国の意志, Teikoku no Ishi?, lit. Will of the Empire)
    Plays in a number of quests, including the Main Scenario quest "Futures Perfect".
  99. Steel Reason — 4:17
    (鋼の理念, Hagane no Rinen?, lit. Steel Reason)
    Plays in Castrum Novum.
  100. Imperium — 6:27
    (インペリウム, Inperiumu?, lit. Imperium)
    Plays during the "United We Stand" boss fight.
  101. Fallen Angel — 7:09
    (堕天せし者, Datenseshi mono?, lit. Fallen One)
    Plays when battling Garuda.
    • Performed by Fukiko Sekine
  102. Tempest — 7:51
    (戦乱, Senran?, lit. War-torn)
    Plays during the battle with Nael van Darnus in the quest "The Raven, Nevermore".
  103. Rise of the White Raven — 5:51
    (白銀の凶鳥、飛翔せり, Shirogane no Kyōchō, Hishōseshi?, lit. Rise of the Evil, Silver Bird)
    Plays during the battle with Nael Deus Darnus in the quest "The Raven, Nevermore".
    • Performed by Music Creation
  104. Answers — 7:09
    Plays briefly during the opening cutscenes for Gridania, Limsa Lominsa, and Ul'dah.


  • Composer: Nobuo Uematsu / Arranger: Tsutomu Narita (1-7, 9-13, 15-55, 57-63, 65-68, 70, 71, 85, 98-100, 102, 104)
  • Composer & Arranger: Masayoshi Soken (8, 14, 56, 75, 76, 81-83, 87, 89, 90, 93-97, 101, 103)
  • Composer: Ai Yamashita / Arranger: Masayoshi Soken (64)
  • Composer: Nobuo Uematsu / Arranger: Naoshi Mizuta (69)
  • Composer & Arranger: Naoshi Mizuta (72, 84)
  • Composer & Arranger: Tsuyoshi Sekito (73, 91)
  • Composer & Arranger: Ryo Yamazaki (74, 77-80, 88)
  • Composer: Nobuo Uematsu / Arranger: Masayoshi Soken (86)
  • Composer: Masayoshi Soken / Arranger: Tsuyoshi Sekito (92)
Good King Moggle Mog XII
  • Lyrics: Michael-Christopher Koji Fox
Fallen Angel
  • Lyrics: Michael-Christopher Koji Fox
Rise of the White Raven
  • Lyrics: Michael-Christopher Koji Fox
  • Latin: Eva Kappeller
  • Lyrics: Yaeko Sato & Michael-Christopher Koji Fox

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