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Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII & Last Order: Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack to Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- and the OVA Last Order -Final Fantasy VII-. The fold-out liner notes include the tracklist in English, messages from composer Takeharu Ishimoto, Before Crisis director Hajime Tabata, Before Crisis producer Kousei Itou, Last Order publicity producer Akio Ofuji, and character designer Tetsuya Nomura, as well as character artwork from Before Crisis and full-color screenshots from Last Order. The lyrics to "Theme of Elfé" are printed underneath the see-through CD tray in English with a Japanese (kana) translation.

Track listEdit

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

  1. "Theme of Turks" (Before Crisis Version)
  2. "Mission"
  3. "Survive"
  4. "Secret Action"
  5. "Theme of Elfé"
  6. "Black Beat"
  7. "Desperate Crisis"
  8. "Last Labyrinth"
  9. "Rebirth"
    Bonus Tracks
  10. "Theme of Elfé" (Angel)
  11. "Theme of Elfé" (Devil)
  12. "Rebirth" (Edit)

Last Order -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

  1. "1st Climax"
  2. "Cremation"
  3. "Pride of Soldier"
  4. "Pursuit"
  5. "Beyond the Death" (from Theme of Tifa)
  6. "Frenzy of Steel"
  7. "Sneak Attack"
  8. "Decision"
  9. "Serious Attack"
  10. "Brief Reunion" (from Theme of Tifa)
  11. "The Truth in the Dark"
  12. "Theme of Turks 2005"
  13. "Dear Friend"
  14. "Last Order"
    Bonus Track
  15. "Last Order" (Edit)


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