Beer SQ is an arrangement album featuring music from the Final Fantasy series, SaGa, Chrono Trigger and Live A Live arranged as pub-theme music. It was released in July 4, 2012 together with another SQ album, Battle SQ.

Track listEdit

  1. "Main Theme" (FINAL FANTASY)|メインテーマ (FINAL FANTASYより
  2. "Gold Saucer" (FINAL FANTASY VII)|ゴールドソーサー (FINAL FANTASY VIIより)
  4. Can You Fly Sister? (聖剣伝説 3より)
  5. "Guardia Millenial Fair" (Chrono Trigger)|ガルディア王国千年祭 (クロノ・トリガーより)
  6. Roman & Vorspiel (SaGa Frontier 2より)
  7. "Spinach Rag ~ Character Medley" (FINAL FANTASY VI)|スピナッチ・ラグ~キャラメドレー (FINAL FANTASY VIより)
  8. "Prelude" (FINAL FANTASY)|プレリュード (FINAL FANTASYより)

Limited Edition Disc 2Edit

The limited edition version of the album contains an additional CD with music from Unlimited Saga. It also has two SQ Party Level.3 Live Set performances.

  1. The Seven Travelers (Unlimited SaGa)|旅の七人
  2. SQ Party Level.3 Live Set (Artist: Electric Pastoral|牧歌電子)
  3. SQ Party Level.3 Live Set (Artist: Bearded Driver|ヒゲドライバー)

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