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Beelzebub is a minor antagonist from Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light.


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Beelzebub arrived in Urbeth, the City of Faith, and caused a plague throughout the area. Beelzebub and his minions disguised as merchants selling expensive Hi-Elixirs to cure the disease, and many died because they didn't have the money. Beelzebub called the high ranking elders to the Tower of the Sky, where he convinced them that money was the most important thing, and caused them to lose their faith. The city became the City of Merchants.

After the party is sent back in time, they arrive in Urbeth during the time of Beelzebub's plague. The party discovers Thauzand's daughter is infected and they are sent to buy a Hi-Elixir from Beelzebub, who is disguised as a merchant. When they arrive at the fiend's shop, he charges a heavy price. The party learns that the Hi-Elixir can be found in the Hunting Caves and travels to its lowest level.

They are attacked by one of Beelzebub's minions, who is defeated. The party goes to the Tower to the Sky just as Beelzebub attempts to corrupt the elders, where they stop him and reveal his true form. The party defeats Beelzebub, restoring the city to its original form. Later, Beelzebub is revived within the Star Chamber, but he is defeated once more.

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Beelzebub is fought twice, once at the Tower to the Sky and another time in the Star Chamber.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Bravely series[]

Beelzebub in battle.

In Bravely Default, Beelzebub appears as a optional boss appearing as a level 10 Nemesis.

In Bravely Second: End Layer, Beelzebub is stated to have been once a king of men who became worshiped as deity until he is demonized into a Sin Beast by the Crystal Orthodoxists. Beelzebub was keep at bay by Yōko until she is defeated by Yew Geneolgia's group, who attempt to keep it from going on amok upon emerging from the monument east of Al-Khampis. Users of the Yōkai asterisk can summon Beelzebub to use his Gluttony and Acid Breath abilities.



Beelzebub means "Lord of the Flies" in Hebrew and is a name often associated with the devil. It appears in the book by William Golding of the same name (Lord Of the Flies) as the head of a slaughtered pig on a stake. Beelzebub is also one of the Seven Princes of Hell, associated with the deadly sin of Gluttony.

Like the other major demons, Beelzebub refers to one of the seven princes of Hell in demonology, each one representing one of the seven deadly sins.