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Bee is a genus of enemies in Final Fantasy XI.

Bees are common flying vermin found throughout Vana'diel. Not all bees are docile, as some will attack and swarm adventurers who wander too close. Not surprisingly, they attack with their stingers. In doing so, they will sometimes take their own lives as a last resort. Bees inhabiting the Quon continent are typically black and yellow, while those found on the Mindartia continent and Elshimo Islands are typically black and red.

Hunting bees is a lucrative venture, as they drop many useful things. Their wings can be made into earrings and arrow fletchings, their stingers ground into poisonous powder, their honey is a much loved commodity for chefs, and even parts of their hive can be melted into versatile wax.

Special attacks[]

  • Final Sting: Deals damage equal to the Bee's remaining health, but kills the Bee.
  • Frenzy Pollen: Greatly increases attack speed. Only used by Nightmare Hornets and Chasmic Hornet.
  • Pollen: Self-target ability restoring some HP.
  • Sharp Sting: Single target damage.

Other appearances[]

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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