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Wakka's thoughts on his late brother conjure his image on the Farplane; a phenomenon similar to "beckoning".

Beckoning (呼び寄せる, Yobiyoseru?) is a term used in Final Fantasy X-2.5 ~Eien no Daishō~ and Final Fantasy X -Will-. It refers to a person thinking of someone they used to know who has since passed, conjuring an illusion from the Farplane.


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Final Fantasy X-2[]

In the Fiend Tales endings, there is a minor case of a fiend using beckoning. An Assassin Bee whose desire to find her parents brings her to the Farplane, causing them to temporarily manifest while lamenting that they abandoned her before all three fade away.

Final Fantasy X-2.5 ~Eien no Daishō~[]

Tidus and Yuna end up shipwrecked on an unknown island that resembles Besaid and Tidus theorizes they have traveled back in time a thousand years. Tidus is killed in a freak accident when he mistakes an ancient bomb of Bevelle make for a blitzball. Yuna faints from the shock, and unknowingly beckons Tidus back into the world with him none the wiser of what happened.

The two learn more about the island and meet more beckoned spirits and how the entire island is but a summoning. It is revealed that if a beckoned realizes their true nature they will soon disappear, Yuna realizing this is the case with Tidus as well.

Final Fantasy X -Will-[]

Yuna has joined a group called Yevoners with their main temple on Besaid. She acts as the group's priestess, spending her days praying to the bygone fayth while prohibiting Yevoners from performing beckonings. In time, the Farplane is revealed to have become unstable to the point that the dead are beginning to be revived across Spira.

Someone's thoughts about a shoopuf killed thirty years ago brought it to the Moonflow. Chancellor Baralai acquired a recording of the shoopuf and sent Kurgum and Chuami to Besaid to show it to Yuna and bring her to Bevelle so he could discuss the matter with her.

Once Yuna and the others visit the Moonflow they find a crowd of illusory people. While observing a living father and daughter with her illusory mother, it is revealed these are not normal beckoned people since they can speak and be heard by everyone. The Eternal Calm was not to be after all, as it is eventually revealed that Sin has also been brought back.

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