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A beautiful general serving the kingdom of Alexandria in a foreign world known as Gaia. Her eyepatch doesn't get in her way of being touted as the greatest swordsman of the land. She uses powerful moves, such as thunder slash and shock, with her sword of choice, save the queen. Despite her power, she faced bitter defeat during her youth against another swordsman of Alexandria.

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Beatrix is a boss from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and exclusively appears in the last stages of the Final Fantasy IX event Alexandria Castle. Defeating her will reward the player with Tickets, which are used as the event's currency, exchangable at King Mog's shop.

Battle Edit

Strategy Edit

Beatrix is a fairly-standard boss. However, if the player cannot defeat Beatrix in one turn, they should make sure to have Paralyze immunity on the whole party, or at the very least, those units with important roles. Furthermore, any unit with 100% evasion, 100% lightning resistance, and paralyze immunity will be able solo the ELT and LGD stages, bypassing Beatrix's threat.

Beatrix, as a humanoid monster, takes increased damage from Man-Eater abilities. Most of the enemies in the Alexandria Castle stages (except Bandersnatch) are also humanoid, so it is useful to equip Diabolos (if it has learned Man-Eater), or Man-Eater+ (a mission reward from Mech of Fury and Sorrow) on any of the player's attacking or chaining units.


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