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Beatrix is both a temporary playable character and a boss in Final Fantasy IX. As a boss, she is never fully defeated, and once her HP is depleted, she will use an attack to reduce the party's HP to 1 and end the battle. As a party member she resembles a Paladin and is available during the Battle of Alexandria scenario, partnered with Steiner. She has access to a few Wht Mag abilities, and her skillset is known as Seiken, which is similar to Steiner's Swd Art.

Party member[edit | edit source]

Beatrix has both high physical and magical stats, and knows many devastating attacks as well as healing spells, making her somewhat akin to a Paladin. She does not gain enough MP to consistently use her expensive abilities. In her victory pose, Beatrix sheaths her weapon and flips her hair back as she does in most of the game's cutscenes.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Since Beatrix is a temporary party member, she joins with all her abilities mastered. She has neither a Trance bar nor any support abilities, and she cannot learn any new abilities from equipment but does gain Magic Stones upon leveling up.

She can use Wht Mag spells, a total of eight spells that are a mixture of Dagger's and Eiko's spells: Cura, Life, Full-Life, Esuna, Silence, Reflect, Blind and Holy.

She uses a special command called Seiken, which consists of four of Steiner's Sword Arts: Thunder Slash, Stock Break, Climhazzard, and Shock. Beatrix, unlike Steiner, can successfully employ the Thunder Slash ability; when Steiner uses it he is crippled by the Thunder Slash glitch.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Beatrix can only equip Save the Queen while her armor consists of helmets, gauntlets and heavy armor. She can equip most female-exclusive equipment. She cannot equip any other swords or knight swords. Save the Queen's attack power is low, but it has a special damage algorithm that adds the user's level to its attack power, making it the game's strongest weapon if the user is around or above Level 85. Beatrix's equipment option cannot be fully viewed unless the player hacks all items into their inventory with a cheating device for the short while Beatrix is in the player's party.

Weapon Headgear Arm Protection Body Protection

Boss[edit | edit source]

Beatrix is fought as a boss three times, but it is not possible to defeat her, because the fights end automatically when she uses an attack that reduces the party's HP to 1. If lucky, the player may steal some good items and equipment from her.

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