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Beat Rush is Tifa's first level 1 Limit in Final Fantasy VII, available to her by default. It is a physical attack on a single target that strikes for 1.25 times her normal damage. If the player lands a "Yeah!" on the slot reel, this attack is a guaranteed critical hit, approximately doubling its power. Beat Rush is the only one of Tifa's Limits that is guaranteed to not miss, and is the first in a combo of up to seven attacks when Tifa levels her Limit fully.

Using Beat Rush nine times unlocks Tifa's second level 1 Limit, Somersault.

Beat Rush is performed by Tifa running up to an enemy and punching them three times.


Beat Rush is a single physical attack that deals 1.25 times Tifa's normal damage. This is a normal attack if the player lands a "Hit" on the slot reel, or a guaranteed critical hit if it lands on "Yeah!". As a physical attack, Beat Rush is based on Tifa's Strength stat and her currently equipped weapon when determining damage. Of all Tifa's Limit Breaks, Beat Rush is the only one that can never land on a "Miss" in the slot reel. This means the player can focus on trying to score "Yeah!" with Beat Rush, comfortably knowing it will hit even if they do not score it.

Beat Rush as a single attack is fairly weak, dealing comparatively less damage than level 1 Limit Breaks of other characters, even after performing a "Yeah!". However, once Somersault is unlocked, it is used in a combo directly after Beat Rush. Beat Rush and Somersault combined, if one or both attacks are made critical with "Yeah!", deal more damage than any comparable level 1 Limit Break.

Due to how Tifa's Limit Breaks work, Beat Rush is always used in a combo with all of Tifa's unlocked Limit Breaks at later levels, meaning there is no reason not to equip the level 2 and above Limit Break level for her once she has it unlocked.