Sylphs are a race of Beastmen in Final Fantasy XIV.

Beastmen refers to a group of species that appear in Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV. While monstrous in appearance, Beastmen are categorized separately from standard fiends as they display sentient intelligence and self awareness—often times exhibiting a mix of complex emotions, culture, religion, art, philosophy, technology, and an understanding of science.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy XI[edit | edit source]

Beastmen is a term for races that oppose the five Enlightened Races of Altana. Legend tells that the Beastmen are part of Promathia's curse on the five races. The Beastmen are charged with the task of occupying the Enlightened Races' minds through conflict and war, so they will never have time to group together peacefully and consider opening the Gate of the Gods.

An example of some Beastmen. Clockwise from top left: Lamia, Qiqirn, Yagudo and Mamool Ja.

Compared to the fiends that roam Vana'diel, Beastmen display self-awareness and intelligence. At varying degrees throughout the different Beastmen races they possess and exhibit emotions, culture, social structure, religion, art, philosophy, technology, and an understanding of science. At times their intellect and accomplishments, such as grand architecture, rival that of the five Enlightened Races.

While most Beastmen are in continuous conflict with the five Races, there are several exceptions. Goblins and Qiqirn are accepted into many major cities, often as an underclass used for trade and low level jobs, while the Yagudo have a peace treaty with the Federation of Windurst, their neighboring city.

When viewed impartially, the wars and discrimination that rages between the Beastmen and Enlightened Races can be seen as triggered by misunderstandings, unwillingness to compromise, ignorance and age-old racism.

Beastman races[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy XIV[edit | edit source]

Beast tribe is a designation of both Ul'dahn and Garlean origin to all races accused of associating with a Primal, and is equivalent to an earmarking for extermination. While their physiology is much different from the playable races, they are still categorized as Spoken by Eorzean naturalists (excluding the dragons).

Beast tribes[edit | edit source]

The Source
The First

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