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These nu mou can control enemies at will.


The Beastmaster is a job available to the nu mou in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. They control various monsters and use bells and other musical instruments in battle. The success rate for controlling a monster varies from monster to monster. A whip appears above the Beastmaster's head (similar to status ailments/enhancements) when they are in control of a monster. Players lose control of the monster when it becomes the Beastmaster's turn again and have to use the "Control" command again to resume control. The Beastmaster cannot control the five races.

A common strategy is to use the Beastmaster in conjunction with a Blue Mage when learning monster abilities, as the Beastmaster can "force" the monster to use the ability on the Blue Mage.


The Beastmaster is the closest the nu mou get to an Attack-oriented job. Its Attack and Defense are the highest out nu mou jobs, and it has respectable HP, Resistance and Speed. The Beastmaster's MP and Magic Power are the lowest available to the nu mou, but those aren't necessary for such an Attack-oriented job.

HP MP Atk Def Mag Pwr Mag Res Spd
7.4 B 2.1 D 8.8 B+ 8.8 B+ 6.8 D+ 8.4 B 1.2 D+



Beastmaster command. Control various monsters.


Reactions do not work while using Control and all abilities have a range of 4 tiles.

Skill Equipment Effect Success rate AP
Goblin Demon Bell
War Trumpet
Control goblins and red caps. 50%-70% 200
Flan Demon Bell
Glass Bell
Control ice flans, jellies, and creams. 40%-60% 200
Bomb Demon Bell
Aona Flute
Control bombs and grenades. 35%-55% 200
Dragon Earth Bell Control firewyrms, icedrakes, and thundrakes. 40%-60% 200
Lamia Glass Bell Control lamias and liliths. 30%-50% 200
Bug Fairy Harp Control antlions and jawbreakers. 50%-70% 200
Tonberry Blood Strings Control tonberries and masterberries. 10%-30% 200
Panther War Trumpet Control red panthers and coeurls. 50%-70% 200
Malboro Aona Flute Control malboros and big malboros. 60%-80% 200
Floateye Black Quena Control floateyes and ahrimans. 30%-50% 200
Undead Black Quena Control zombies and vampires. 20%-40% 200
Fairy Fairy Harp Control sprites and titanias. 20%-40% 200
Rockbeast Conch Shell Control blade biters and toughskins. 70%-90% 200


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Last Haste Ninja Gear Become hasted if severely wounded. 300


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Immunity Survival Vest Confers resistance to some status ailments. 300


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Beast Combo Mythril Bell Failproof combo ability for beastmasters. 100


[[File:|A Beastmaster using the Control command on a Bomb.|thumb]] Beastmasters are ill-suited for combat and their only real use is to help train Blue Mages. The instruments they wield barely qualify as weapons and the Control abilities don't have any effect on the five races. Beastmasters can significantly improve situations involving monsters, but have little to no usefulness in the late game.

Enemy Beastmasters are easy to take down since their Control abilities are useless against the player's clan. Their attack power, although unusually high, is still nothing to worry about, especially since they only use instruments.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Beastmaster TCG.png

Beastmaster appears on a card.


  • Like Animists, Beastmasters are shown holding a Whip in their official artwork despite it not being a weapon type in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. This could allude to the icon of a whip that appears over their head when in the process of controlling animals.