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Trainers whose open hearts and strong wills allow them to capture and control enemy monsters.


The Beastmaster, also known as Trainer or Mediator, is a job in Final Fantasy V obtained after the Fire Crystal shatters. It is the only job aside from the Freelancer that can equip whips, allowing the Beastmaster to attack from the back row for full damage and giving them the added benefit of either paralyzing the enemy or casting a spell on them.

Beastmasters focus on catching and releasing enemies from a gourd in battles for various abilities for a one-time use, as well as using the Control command to make enemies in battle fight for them.

Mastering the Beastmaster for all four characters in the mobile and Steam versions earns the achievement "Catch and Release".


The Beastmaster dresses in wool and some even take the ram's horns. Bartz, Galuf and Krile have the same costume, although Krile's is more covered. Faris wears earmuffs and has a tail and Lenna has a headdress and a puffy collar. Galuf's costume was also given a tail in the mobile/Steam release.


The Catch command lets the player capture an enemy during battle, provided the enemy has less than 1/8 of their total HP remaining. The Kornago Gourd changes this to 1/2 HP. If the player wants a particular monster, one can try Gravity or the Blue Magic spell Missile, as both reduce the health of the enemy without killing it, allowing the character to catch it more easily.

FFV Restored Catch on Status Menu.png

When a character catches a monster in the Super Famicom version, the enemy name should be displayed in the Status menu under the Catch header, but the field is left blank for the version 1.1 of the RPGe translation. The reason is because the enemy names table was stored in another location within the data. Also, the length of the monster names was originally 8 bytes, but was expanded to 10 bytes.

Captured monsters can be released to have them attack once, summon style. If the party catches a summoned monster, most will do a Strong Attack when released (which does thousands worth of damage, even in the First World).

The Equip Whips support ability gives characters the Beastmaster's base Strength and Agility unless otherwise already at a higher value.

Characters who have a monster under the Controlled status, only possible through the Control command, are given a list of abilities. Usually, the first one is Attack and beneath it are between one and three other commands. An enemy with the status has its sprite flipped horizontally, so they face the other direction. When Controlled, the controller cannot attack; instead, when it is their turn, the enemy under control moves instead. If the enemy is under Berserk or Confusion, or is already being Controlled, the status will miss. The status keeps going until the controlled enemy is either killed or hit with a physical attack, or until the controller dies or gets afflicted with certain negative statuses, such as Sleep or Petrify.

Calm is bugged in the Game Boy Advance version; it is instead only effective against enemies that are not Magic Beasts.

Upon mastery, Freelancers and Mimes gain the Beastmaster's base Strength, Agility and Stamina unless they already have a higher base from another mastered job.

Level-up abilities[]

The job's innate command is Catch, and the Beastmaster natively equips whips. Leveling the job up allows the character to also use these in other jobs.

Level 1 Ability
Mobile/PC Name Calm
Advance Name Calm
Anthology Name Tame
AP Required 10
Type Command
Innate N
Description Calm magic beasts.
Information Inflicts Stop on a monster. Does not work against human/mechanic enemies.
Level 2 Ability
Mobile/PC Name Control
Advance Name Control
Anthology Name Control
AP Required 50
Type Command
Innate N
Description Take control of a monster.
Information Lets the player take control of one monster. Very useful if the player wants to learn Blue Magic. One cannot Control a monster under the effect of Berserk.
Level 3 Ability
Mobile/PC Name Equip Whips
Advance Name Equip Whips
Anthology Name EqWhip
AP Required 100
Type Support
Innate Y
Description Gain the ability to wield whips.
Information Any character with this ability will be able to equip whips, and will gain their character's base Freelancer Strength +13 and Agility +1 if their default stats are lower.
Level 4 Ability
Mobile/PC Name Catch
Advance Name Catch
Anthology Name Catch
AP Required 300
Type Command
Innate Y
Description Capture a weakened monster.
Information Lets any job use the Catch/Release command.

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A mediator is a person who engages in mediation.