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FFE Beast Master
Despite a slower attack speed, Beast Masters use their powerful axe to pack a real punch.

Beastmaster (魔獣使い, Majuu Tsukai?) is one of the jobs available in Final Fantasy Explorers.


It is unlocked by creating 20 monsters. It can be mastered by completing any 10 quests, then the 5★ quest "Mastery Trials: Beastmaster".

The Beastmaster is a dedicated damager that uses enhanced monsters in battle. Beastmasters can initially equip axes and clubs; after mastery dual axes, dual clubs, scythes and knuckles can be equipped.

Base statsEdit

Stats Base (Mastery) Ranking
HP 3450 (4100) D
AP 1915 (2315) D
Load 160 D
Strength 58 B
Accuracy 59 C
Magic 37 D
Spirit 37 B
Focus 43 D
Defense 42 A
Mag Def 28 F
Evasion 45 C
Mobility 104 D
Luck 53 C


They are proficient in all Axe Skills.

The unique ability Tame deals damage and has a good chance to disable. Enemies killed with Tame drop an atmalith. The standard ability Soothe increases the base stats of the monsters with the player.

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