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Bazz on the world map.

Bazz (バズ, Bazu?) is a city in the West Nesher District in Final Fantasy Type-0. It belongs to the Militesi territory and is located in the west of the district. It becomes available in chapter 7.


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After Militesi Empire declares war on the Dominion of Rubrum to take hold of its Vermilion Bird Crystal during its conquest to capture all Crystals of Orience, the tide of the battle turns to the dominions's favor after the Vermilion Bird Secundus l'Cie Lady Caetuna summons a Verboten Eidolon to obliterate the Militesi forces. After conquering Cetme District, the dominion army sets out to occupy all imperial bases on the southern front and the Central Command orders an assault on Bazz. Bazz is home to a detainment camp filled with dominion prisoners-of-war, and thus the commandant deploys a cadet task force to extricate them before seizing control of Bazz. Class Zero liberates the captive legionaries and the dominion army captures the base shortly afterward giving Rubrum dominance over all of West Nesher.

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Bazz is the main location of Operation Homecoming Expert Trial, where Class Zero has to liberate captive dominion prisoners. It is available in chapter 7.


You must be one of the doctor's pets from Class Zero. Perhaps you can help me with something, then. It's about the Silent Key past West Nesher south of Bazz. It was there that we made an enormous discovery: the ruins of an ancient civilization with teknology that far surpasses anything we have created. Unfortunately, however, the recon team we deployed was subsequently dispatched by the iron giants guarding the ruins. We cannot let this investigation go unfinished. I ask you to eliminate those iron giants. It is a dangerous assignment, but with your abilities, I have faith that you will succeed.


Rumble in the Ruins: Sakuya, a dominion quaestor stationed in Bazz, asks for the cadets' help in slaying an Iron Giant in the Silent Key.

Moving a Colossus[]

A dominion citizen despairs a Militesi MA has been parked right behind his truck and needs people to move it. He asks Class Zero to find four more guys for him for the job. Elsewhere in the town the cadets can find other dominion citizens who need tasks done for them. A man is looking for his son, another needs a diamond ring to propose to his girlfriend, an imperial citizen says he will help if the cadets pay him 10,000 gil, and at the end of the lower there is a Class Fifth cadet who promises just by talking to him.

The player can find the missing kid from the town's lower level. Talking to him makes him run back to his dad.

The townsfolk help move the Colossus.

The player can score a diamond ring by doing the task for Mutsuki, Hazardous Material, where the cadets must obtain Dark Matter from a Malboro. The cadets can also get one by earning an S-Rank on the The Capture of Togoreth Stronghold on Finis difficulty, or buy one from the Akademeia Armory after beating the The Cadets' First Deployment mission on l'Cie difficulty. The player must unequip the Diamond Ring to give it.

After everyone has agreed to move the MA the people gather around and do it. The dominion citizen then opens up shop where the MA used to be.


Within the lower level inside a depression in the wall there is a man who asks for 40 Lavender Phantoma. Doing so yields an HP Enhancer.


The shop.

Wait a sec--you expect me to give you a discount just because you helped move that oversized paperweight? Well, you weren't the only one who helped, and if I slashed prices for you, I'd have to do the same for everyone else, right? I can't make a living selling everything at half-price! You can pay the same amount as everyone else since that's fair! So, what can I do for you?

Dominion Citizen

The shop opened by completing the Moving a Colossus sidequest sells weapons and accessories.

Item Price
Ironclad Deck 6500 gil
Maestro's Flute 6500 gil
Platinum Bow 6500 gil
Erinyes' Pistol 6500 gil
Ares' Mace 6500 gil
Cronus's Scythe 6500 gil
Steel Snake 6500 gil
Steel Claws 6500 gil
Holy Lance 6500 gil
Kotetsu 6500 gil
Warlord 6500 gil
Dual Blasters 6500 gil
Corkscrew Rapiers 6500 gil
Survival Edges 6500 gil
Combat Apparatus 6000 gil
Protector Ring 6500 gil


Jögge's Crystal's location.

l'Cie Jögge's Crystal is found in the first depression on the side of the lower road.