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Bazaar menu in Final Fantasy Tactics A2.

Bazaar is a special shop feature in Ivalice, first appearing in Final Fantasy XII and later in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. Bazaars play a very important role; as a way for players to obtain equipment—weapons, armors, accessories—as well as item supplies and other rare loots. Bazaars are where Ivalice players benefit from collecting Loot.


Final Fantasy XI[]

The Bazaar is the option that allows players to sell items and equipment to others from right out of their own inventory. This is done by a player selecting an item in his or her inventory, then setting a price for it, and putting it up for display in his or her Bazaar menu. The Bazaar menu can be accessed by other players upon examining a particular character, and choosing the "Bazaar" option.

Final Fantasy XII[]

Bazaars are found in all shops in Ivalice, including Gambit and Magick shops. By selling certain combinations of Loot collected from their hunts, players are able to unlock new equipment and items. Sometimes one bazaar item contains a combination of different equipment and items.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

The Bazaar works similarly to it's Final Fantasy XI counterpart, allowing for a maximum of 10 items to be put up for sale, repair or to "seek" an specific item. All sales done via bazaar are subject to a 10% tax fee.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

Bazaar again works by collecting Loot obtained from quests. Loots have different ranks from A to E. Selling a certain combination of Loots with similar ranks will unlock new equipment and items.