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Bavarois is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in the Keycatrich Trench maze and during the King of the Great Escape hunt.


A rare treat found mainly in Keycatrich Trench and occasionally in the wild. Its soft blushing tone betokens an ability to both take the heat and get out of the kitchen.
Size: 4.62 ft. Weight: 1.48 t


King of the Great EscapeAltissia1
Red Hunt Icon
Bavarois x1Altissia (Nighttime)5013,190 gil, Crusader's Anklet★★★★



Yech. Not a fan of mushy desserts.


Bavarois only uses physical attacks. It raises its arms up and jiggles a little before lunging at a target (can be block/parried). It energizes its "hands" with glowing energy before attacking and dealing Darkness damage. It can melt into the floor to temporarily disappear from the battlefield, and then rematerialize. It resists physical attacks from normal weapons and absorbs fire, but is weak to ice and lightning elemancy.


Preparing some magic flasks with ice and lightning is a good way to deal with these monsters. The player can use the royal arms to deal normal damage to it, whereas other physical weapons' damage is halved.


Bavarian cream, or Crème bavaroise, or simply known as Bavarois is a classic dessert.

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