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Artwork of a battlefield.

Battlefields (バトルポイント, Batorupointo?, lit. Battlepoints) are special locations in Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. Battlefields appear on the overworld map, with 10 enemy parties in them. The player can enter the Battlefield and fight these monsters, and if they win 10 times, they win a large cache of GP or Exp, or win an item or spell.

Battlefields do not respawn monsters, and the player does not have to fight all 10 battles in succession. As well, they cannot tell what enemies will be found in a Battlefield, although they tend to be monsters from the latest dungeon made accessible - the Battlefields near the Wintry Cave consist of enemies from that area, for example.

List of Battlefields[]

Location Enemies Reward
North of Level Forest Poison Toad, Mad Plant 54 Exp
West of Sand Temple Poison Toad, Mad Plant, Basilisk Charm
East of Sand Temple Sand Worm, Basilisk, Minotaur Zombie 150 GP
South of Libra Temple Mint Mint 99 Exp
East of Libra Temple Giant Toad, Mint Mint 300 GP
South of Aquaria Giant Toad, Mint Mint, Scorpion Magic Ring
East of Aquaria Giant Toad, Edgehog, Mint Mint 99 Exp
West of Wintry Cave Desert Hag 600 GP
South of Ice Pyramid Desert Hag, Lamia, Mage 540 Exp
North of Libra Temple Phanquid, Sphinx Exit spell
North of Wintry Temple Freezer Crab, Gather 744 Exp
North of Focus Tower Jelly 900 GP
Further north of Focus Tower Jelly, Sting Rat Gemini Crest
East of Fireburg Plant Man 816 Exp
West of Fireburg Flazzard, Plant Man, Sting Rat 1200 GP
South of the Mine Flazzard, Red Cap Thunder spell
West of the Volcano Ghost, Red Bone, Zombie 1200 Exp
East of the Volcano Iflyte, Stheno 1068 Exp
Southwest of Windia Ooze, Skuldier, Water Hag 2808 Exp
South of Windia Vampire, Water Hag 2700 Exp