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Use us to protect Terra from the guards!

The Battle to Protect Terra is a clash between the mining city of Narshe, and the joint forces of Returner Locke and Moogles, for the possession of unconscious Terra in the mines of Narshe in Final Fantasy VI.


Following Terra's flashback, Locke will find her unconscious only to notice that the Narshe Guards too have located her and quickly gather a strike force to capture her from Locke. The battle location is near the Moogle Cave and Moogles decide to help Locke to rescue Terra from the guards.

The Allies defend Terra, as if any guards reach her the battle is lost. They have two parties with 4 moogles and one party with Locke and three moogles. Narshe guards have six groups of Silver Lobo, Megalodoth formations and a Guard Leader who is accompanies with two Silver Lobos. Once the leader is defeated, Locke will reclaim Terra.


Locke will thank the moogles for their help and escape through a secret cave entrance. Terra will become conscious and Locke will reveal to her what happened. She has lost her memory and decides to accompany Locke. They head for Figaro Castle to meet Edgar.



  • The player can unequip Mog to reclaim his equipment Mythril Spear and Mythril Shield. The shield is one of the best defensive items the player can receive for a while.
  • Mog will learn a new dance if at least one battle is won with him in the group. The dance ability can be effectively used against the Guard Leader.
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