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The Battle of Midgar is a battle in Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-. After weeks of constant attack from Deepground across the Planet, the World Regenesis Organization (WRO) finally mounts a large-scale offensive against Deepground's base in the ruins of Midgar. The WRO forces use a two-pronged assault from land and air from stopping Deepground's leader, Weiss, in summoning the final Weapon, Omega.

Despite not being soldiers of the WRO, Cid Highwind, along with other recurring characters from Final Fantasy VII, aid the battle as well. Cloud Strife has a brief fight with one of the member of the Tsviets, Rosso the Crimson, though the outcome is unknown. Rosso's defeat by Vincent Valentine and the subsequent appearance of Cloud may imply the fight ended with, at the very least, a tie.

Vincent Valentine is the main ground fighter, as he personally fights most of the Deepground alone. He blasts his way through the ruins of the Train Graveyard as he advances through the ruined city. As the secretive Reactor 0 acts as Deepground's base of operations, Vincent infiltrates the remains of the Shinra Building to enter Reactor 0 from its only entrance, the President's secret elevator. Before he can use the elevator, he fights and defeats Rosso who jumps off the side of the building, presumably to her death. Vincent uses the elevator to descend, only to run into Azul the Cerulean, whom he had fought several times before. Azul is defeated by Vincent's Chaos form.

Reaching Sector 0 beneath Midgar, Vincent fights, and defeats, Nero the Sable. Vincent reaches Weiss in the heart of the Deepground command center. It is later revealed that Professor Hojo possessed Weiss to fuse with Omega and achieve godhood, but Hojo is defeated when Weiss's brother Nero fuses with Weiss, forcing the Professor out.

Despite everyone's efforts, Omega is summoned by Hojo and the WRO forces destroy the eight mako reactors around Midgar to stop Omega from taking the Lifestream. In his Chaos form, Vincent defeats Omega and Weiss/Nero at the command. With Omega gone, Deepground is finished.