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The Battle of Fort Besselat is a battle occurring during the plot of Final Fantasy Tactics. It is the deciding battle of the War of the Lions, pitting the Order of the Northern Sky against the Order of the Southern Sky. The Northern Sky besieged the Southern Sky stronghold of Fort Besselat. During the battle, Barich Fendsor, an engineer working for the Church of Glabados spread Mosfungus poison throughout the Northern Sky ranks, making them too weak to fight in hopes that the Southern Sky would then attack.

Instead, Ramza Beoulve infiltrated the garrison, and opened its sluice gate, flooding the plain where fighting was about to take place. As a result, the battle came to an immediate indecisive halt. This meant that both sides remained strong, and mediation by the church was rejected by both sides. It also meant that not enough blood had be spilled for Ultima to be resurrected, and Hashmal would be forced to make up the difference with his own.

Duke Larg and Duke GoltannaEdit

During the battle, Duke Larg was assassinated by Dycedarg Beoulve, and Duke Goltanna was assassinated by Delita Heiral. This led to Delita becoming the leader of the Southern Sky, and eventually King of Ivalice. Dycedarg became leader of the Northern Sky, hoping for a Beoulve-run Ivalice.

Immediately after Goltanna was assassinated, Count Orlandeau was seemingly executed by Delita to make it appear the Thunder God was the murderer of Goltanna. However, only a double was killed by Delita, for he secretly allowed an unwitting Ramza to rescue the real Orlandeau so he could aid the Beoulve and his party in disposing the Lucavi, but only to further his aims to become King of Ivalice.

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