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The battle of Carteneau is a conflict in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, which takes place immediately before the events of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. During the battle, the Ascian Fandaniel commands the Telophoroi to attack the Carteneau Flats, where they are met and defeated by the newly formed Grand Company of Eorzea.

The player participates in the battle of Carteneau as part of the quest Death Unto Dawn Death Unto Dawn, playing as the Warrior of Light, as well as Alisaie Leveilleur, Urianger Augurelt, and G'raha Tia, in a five-part solo instance as the Scions of the Seventh Dawn fight against the Lunar primals.


The Carteneau Flats are both the geographic and aetheric center of Eorzea, making them of utmost strategic and magical importance. Several years prior, the VIIth Imperial Legion and the Eorzean Alliance fought at Carteneau as part of Nael van Darnus's plot to call down Bahamut and Dalamud. This calamitous battle marked the beginning of the Seventh Umbral Era.

After the deaths of his fellow Ascians Emet-Selch and Elidibus, Fandaniel plots to destroy the world, and tempers massive legions of beast tribes and Imperial soldiers to mindlessly fight for his military, the Telophoroi. The Eorzean Alliance responds by uniting with the beast tribes at the battle of Paglth'an to drive off the Telophoroi; they manage to slay Lunar Bahamut during the battle.

The Eorzean Alliance, bolstered with support from the beast tribes and Doma, reforms into the Grand Company of Eorzea. Notably, Sharlayan refuses to join, claiming confidence that the "Final Days" that the Alliance fears are approaching is nothing more than another war between the Alliance and the Empire.


Urianger, alongside Thancred and Y'shtola, fights Lunar Odin.

Fandaniel's glyph.

The Telophoroi storm the Carteneau Flats, where they are met by the Eorzeans. However, this attack is largely as a distraction, as Fandaniel calls forth a glyph that, if damaged, would destroy the aetherial confluences that govern the elements in Carteneau; this would trigger a chain reaction of natural disasters that would destroy Eorzea.

The Scions of the Seventh Dawn split into three parties to defend the confluences from the Lunar Primals. Estinien Wyrmblood, Alphinaud, and the Warrior of Light hold off Lunar Ifrit, while Urianger Augurelt, Thancred Waters, and Y'shtola Rhul fight Lunar Odin and Alisaie Leveilleur and G'raha Tia distract the Telephori and fight Lunar Ravana. G'raha Tia disables Lunar Ravana's Moon and Spirit Ganas using Break, allowing Alisaie to unleash a large attack that breaks through Lunar Ravana's defenses. Lunar Odin nearly slays his foes with Ultimate Zantetsuken but falls before he finishes his attack. In Lunar Ifrit's desperate last moments, he unleashes repeated, rapid attacks that Alphinaud's healing magics barely manage to overcome. With Lunar Ifrit slain, Arenvald Lentinus, who was confined to a wheelchair at the hands of Lunar Ifrit at the battle of Paglth'an, is avenged.

Kan-E-Senna healing the wounded.

Following the deaths of the Lunar primals, the Telophoroi withdraw, as they have suffered heavy losses and Fandaniel's plan to destroy Eorzea has failed. As the battle concludes, the clouds part, revealing the moon.


And thus another plan went up in smoke! I am beginning to see why Lord Zenos thinks so highly of you... Not that this changes anything, you understand. You have merely earned yourself a stay of execution.

Fandaniel to the Warrior of Light, after the battle of Carteneau

The leaders of the Grand Company of Eorzea watch as the clouds part.

Alisaie and her porxies attempt to cure the defeated tempered. However, the tempering proves too strong in many cases, and the Eorzeans often have no choice but to put down the Telophoroi's victims. The show of at least attempting to save the tempered beast tribes strengthens the alliance between the untempered beast tribes and the rest of the Grand Company of Eorzea.

Fandaniel is amused and, apparently, unfazed by his defeat at Carteneau, leading G'raha Tia to conclude that the battle had no meaningful impact on his plans.

The Grand Company prepares for a protracted war against the Telophoroi, while the Scions withdraw to Sharlayan to seek out a means to prevent the Final Days.