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The Battle of Burmecia (January 19-21, 1800) in Final Fantasy IX was the first battle in Queen Brahne of Alexandria's campaign against the other nations of the Mist Continent. The battle marked an end of 29 years of peace on the continent, which had been in place since the Airship Revolution.

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Having acquired a Black Mage army from Kuja, Brahne initiated her plans of conquering the continent. The army of mages took the route through North Gate, attacking any Burmecians stationed along the way.

When the army attacked the city-state of Burmecia, the Burmecians were taken completely by surprise. Though soldiers were tasked with defense, they were no match for the Black Mages' magical abilities. The mages soon broke through defenses and proceeded to attack the town, killing many citizens and soldiers alike.

Hopelessly outmatched, the Burmecian Army has no choice but to retreat. Many Burmecians escape to Cleyra, including the king himself. Some soldiers are sent through Gizamaluke's Grotto in order to reach Lindblum and ask Regent Cid Fabool to intervene. The Black Mages pursue them through the cave, and only one Burmecian soldier actually manages to reach Lindblum, dying from his wounds immediately after delivering the message to the regent.


Queen Brahne in the abandoned royal palace of Burmecia.

When recieving the news of the attack, Regent Cid Fabool of Lindblum immediately agrees to intervene with Lindblum's airship armada. Minister Artania suggests that it may take too long to mobilize conscripts due to the recently-concluded Festival of the Hunt, and Cid decides to rely on his standing forces. A division guarding the border with Alexandria is ordered to come to Burmecia's aid, leaving that stretch of the border undefended. However, the fighting in Burmecia ends the next day, before Lindblum is able to intervene. A soldier guarding the Bohden Gate later laments not getting to fight on the frontline in Burmecia.

After hearing of the news, Zidane, Freya, Vivi and later Quina travel to Burmecia to assist in the war effort. When arriving at the city they find it in ruins, as the Black Mages have already defeated the Burmecian Army. They learn that many of the survivors, including the king, had fled to Cleyra to escape the destruction.

Queen Brahne had gone to war to capture the Desert Star. Apparently unaware it has been in the hands of Cleyra for 500 years, she assumes the King of Burmecia brought it with him when he escaped to said country. Determined to get the Desert Star and to eliminate the king, the Alexandrians attack Cleyra two days later.

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