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Battery Soldier is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in imperial bases and various main quests. It is an imperial cybersoldier who wields a magitek firearm.


A cybersoldier equipped with more formidable armor and shields than standard models. As a result, this unit is more suited for combat than keeping the peace. Designed to take a beating, this cyborg and others of its kind are deployed as cannon fodder against Lucis and the daemons—and few make it back to the empire in one piece.
Size: 5 ft. 11 in. Weight: 298.7 lb.
The newest model of battery soldier, stronger and tougher than those before it. Stationed in bases and deployed from drop ships around Lucis, this unit is employed in the empire's efforts to thwart Noctis and his royal retinue.
Size: 5 ft. 11 in. Weight: 299.3 lb.


Level 4

Level 16


The battery soldiers like to keep their distance and slowly back away all the while firing their rifles for ballistic damage. When forced to melee-range, they will strike with their rifles. They are weak to firearms, shields and fire and they resist lightning. They like to stay near one another and fire in groups, unlike the magitek troopers that tend to scatter once deployed. They can be one-hit-killed with a headshot from Cerberus in scope mode (easy in Wait Mode).


Battery soldiers are unremarkable enemies and are easily defeated. The player can simply warp-strike them. Engulfing groups of them in fire-elemental elemancy is also powerful.

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  • The battery soldier yields less EXP than the official guide indicates.

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