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The Bat Trio always found in a triplet, these small bats are found in nearly every area of Vana'diel—and at every level. While those that live in the areas just outside of the three starter Nations are defeated too quickly to develop, there are also those that reside in the depths of Halvung and Newton Movalpolos that can best even the most prepared explorer.

While their area attacks can damage or enfeeble whole parties, it is their direct damage three-hit Jet Stream that is their true danger.

These bats are also trained by a number of Beastmen in Vana'diel, and can often be seen trailing their masters, ready to assist in any fight.

When defeated, these bats will typically drop wings and fangs—which can be used by crafters—although their supply is usually plentiful. Some varieties of bat trios can drop rarer items, such as blood or treasure chest keys.

Special abilities Edit

  • Jet Stream: Threefold single target damage.
  • Slipstream: AoE Accuracy Down.
  • Sonic Boom: AoE Attack Down.
  • Turbulence: AoE Wind damage.

Gallery Edit

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