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This fang's sharp tip is perfect for rending flesh and sucking blood. Small serrations down the side of the tooth complete the carnage.

Final Fantasy XII description

Bat Fang (コウモリの牙, Kōmori no Kiba?) is a recurring item in the series. It is commonly used for crafting purposes.


Final Fantasy XI[]

A small bat fang.

Final Fantasy XI

Bat Fang is an item used to make Volant Serum, Fang Necklace, Skeleton Key, Dart, Fly Lure, and Ash Staff. It is dropped by Mouse Bat, Plague Bats, Grave Bat, Tomb Bat, Midnight Wings, Wood Bats, Moon Bat, Wolf Bat, Black Triple Stars, Ancient Bat, Combat, Stirge, Dark Bats, Undead Bats, Lesser Gaylas, Vampire Bat, Wingrats, Siege Bat, Canal Bats, Greater Gayla, Hell Bat, Citadel Bats, Greater Gaylas, Underworld Bats, Camazotz, Funnel Bats, Werebat, Impish Bats, Esbat, Dire Bat, Incubus Bats, Succubus Bats, Nightmare Bats, Baronial Bat, Arioch, Duskbringer Bat, New Moon Bats, Echo Bats, Balas Bats, Grossular Bat, Drearyeyed Bat, and Fulvous Bats. It can be excavated from Tahrongi Canyon (rare), Maze of Shakhrami (uncommon), and Attohwa Chasm (uncommon).

Final Fantasy XII[]

Bat Fang is a loot that can be dropped from Aerieel, Phyllo, and Steeling, stolen from Bloodwing and Steeling, or poached from Steeling. It can be sold for 105 gil and is required in making the Shortbow and Parallel Arrows, as well as the Loxley Bow and Bamboo Arrows.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

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